Home LanguageEnglish Author Bethany Drake’s new book: “The Vespian Way” was released by Blushing Books.

Author Bethany Drake’s new book: “The Vespian Way” was released by Blushing Books.

by Sheila Nelly

Author Bethany Drake released her new sci-romance series work “The Vespian Way” following the first best-selling novel “Desire’s Destiny”

Santa Monica, CA (Merxwire) – Author Bethany Drake is pleased to announce the release of the second book in Vespian Way erotic sci-fi romance series, Desire’s Duty.

Heather needs a good doctor to help her while she is pregnant and the only one she can trust is her brother. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where he is, so Storm’s sister Toki is assigned to go find him. Complications arise when Toki loses her memory.

Kuarto has done everything in his power to disappear. His life is perfect until a woman crashes her ship behind his house and suffers from amnesia as a result. To deflect suspicion, he tells everyone Toki is his mail-order bride.

Toki brings a lot of complications to his life, but Kuarto soon realizes that following his heart leads him to the woman he desires most, and a family he never knew he had…

About the Author:

Bethany Drake is a graduate of UNCC and a big fan of the 49er’s – the UNCC 49er’s. Owner of several cats she tells people it’s her crazy cat lady started kit. She lives in her own little world, creating new worlds for her characters.


More information please visit: https://bookbuzz.net/blog/erotic-sci-fi-romance-desires-destiny/

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