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“2023 Multicultural Forum” Invited International Experience Sharing, Building a Society of Multicultural Coexistence and Prosperity for a Better Taiwan

by Irma Katherine

TAOYUAN, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – “2023 Multicultural Forum – Connection, Inclusion, Union” was held on 10 August in Taoyuan, Taiwan, focusing on Taoyuan’s multicultural policies, inviting alliance city leaders and domestic and foreign representatives based in Taiwan to engage in city dialogues, enhancing friendship among parties and promoting exchanges among countries and cities on various levels.

The forum was divided into two parts. The “Mayor’s Forum,” centered around “Sharing of Multicultural Urban Governance,” inviting Mayor San-cheng Chang from Taoyuan, Aznifah Isnariah from the Malaysia Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei, Mayor Darren Power from Logan City, Queensland, Australia, and Mayor KOIZUMI Kazunari from Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan to engage in a dialogue on governing diverse ethnic groups in cities. The “Serial Forum,” themed ” How to Build an Inclusive Multicultural Society?”, inviting experts and representatives, including Deputy Representative Philip Wang from the Singapore Trade Office in Taipei, to approach the topic from various perspectives such as art, hydroculture, immigrant worker integration, and local observations, sharing practical cases and addressing ethnic development issues. The goal is for the local citizens from different cultural backgrounds to thrive and coexist on this land, while shaping Taoyuan with uniqueness and diversity.

Located as the site of Taiwan’s international airport, the Taoyuan serves as Taiwan’s first connection to the world, with its historical, economic, industrial, and international airport development, bringing together various ethnic groups such as Hakka, Minnan, indigenous peoples, new immigrants, migrant workers, and military dependents, resulting in a rich tapestry of multicultural features. The Taoyuan city government has been implementing tailored policies for these various groups, assisting new immigrants to integrate into the local communities, such as, establishing “Taoyuan indigenous tribal community colleges,” ” New Immigrants Life Adaptation Counseling Classes,” and “Migrant Workers Academy,” and the like.

With life adaptation and economic stability achieved, the Taoyuan city government is further promoting the sustainable development of multiculturalism in Taoyuan. Various cultural activities are organized to enhance cultural identity and respect, including events like “Indigenous Peoples’ Harvest Festival,” “Military Dependents’ Villages Festival,” “Songkran Water Festival” and “Taoyuan Ramadan Festival.” Taking the just grandly launched “2023 Hakka Expo” for an example, it is collaborating with 14 counties to present the charm of Hakka culture and the diversity of Taoyuan’s multicultural landscape.

Mayor Chang emphasized that Taoyuan upholds a friendly attitude, respects different cultures, provides diverse services, safeguards the rights of all ethnic groups, and eliminates discrimination. He hopes that various ethnic groups can develop independent living abilities in Taoyuan, allowing multiculturalism to coexist and prosper, and making Taiwan a better future for everyone.


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SOURCE: Taoyuan City Government

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