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NUWA Introduces RobotCreator DX – A Fully Customizable AI Robot from Inside Out with Endless Fun

by Ferre Keira
Have you ever dreamed of personalizing your artificial buddy thoroughly? —- the decision is entirely yours now. Time to say goodbye to the cliché appearance that you’ve lost interest in.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – NUWA announced on Kickstarter, the all-new RobotCreator DX, a highly customizable AI robot companion designed for users of all levels of skills.

Featuring numerous web-based editing software and a wide array of sensors, RobotCreator DX can be programmed to perform complicated tasks including voice recognition, video calls, interactive games, and many more.

Thanks to the advanced RoFlow Workflow interface, users can effortlessly program the robot to perform various tasks without prior coding knowledge. On the other hand, Trainkit allows users to train DX to chat and respond with physical motions, images or videos.

Video: RobotCreator DX – Build, Design and Customize Your Way.

Notable features include:

  • Roflow: A powerful cloud-based visual programming software that allows users to easily customize the robot’s behavior. Users can tap into the vast resources and functions of the robot without prior programming skills.
  • CodeLab: An easy-to-use coding center for RobotCreator DX. CodeLab can be accessed from computers, mobile devices, or the DX itself. Natively supported by MQTT, CodeLab allows for cross-device control and connection.
  • Content Editor: A timeline-based motion editing software designed to program the robot to perform sophisticated movements with its built-in expression and movement library.
  • Trainkit: A chatbot dialogue design tool with fuzzy language matching. Trainkit allows users to add body movement, as well as images or videos to the response.
  • Quiz Editor: Quiz Editor allows users to design and create interactive games where the fun never ends. Interaction can be made using the integrated touch and audio sensors.
  • Skin Editor: A web-based editing software that allows users to create dynamic facial expressions for RobotCreator DX. Users can utilize the built-in templates or create their own with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • MakerBase: As one of the pillars of the NUWA platform, users can connect with DX fans across the world and share resources like the code, design, and more.


RobotCreator DX Pricing and Availability

Early Bird pledges for RobotCreator DX are now available for a limited amount on Kickstarter for $599, which is more than 40% off the future retail price.

For the complete list of all available backing options and more product details, jump over to the official RobotCreator DX crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.


About NUWA

Founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 2016, NUWA Robotics has extensive experience in AI, software/hardware development, interactive content, and mass production. We have experts across different fields to design and create a robot that can establish a deeper connection with humans. NUWA envisions a world where everyone has a robot companion that provides beyond just responses to commands, but one that can support emotional needs.

Customizable Robot from inside out. Build, Design and Customize Your Way.
Design your RobotCreator DX’s schedule and behavior however you like. It can be a playful helper, a sidekick, a ready dance partner, a talking pet who is always there for you, anything you can come up with!
Use paint, contact paper, and 3D-printed accessories from our open-source 3D blueprints–whatever you can think of!
12 Servomotors | Qualcomm Octa-core | 6-Microphone Array | 107 Parts | 6 Web Tools | AIoT | Face/Object ID | Video Call
RobotCreator DX comes with plentiful, complete hardwares and powerful softwares.
One of the web tools – CodeLab comes with blocks for standard programming techniques like control, loops, logic, lists and such, but also blocks to control sound, motion, lights, and expressions.
RobotCreator DX Kit comes with 107 high quality parts and all the tools you need to get building right away. No trips to the hardware store or waiting for pieces. As you follow along with the detailed online guide and videos, your RobotCreator DX companion will slowly emerge from what once was just a box of parts.
With advanced web tools, RobotCreator DX empowers infinite possibilities to the fullest capacity and transforms your boundless imagination into real creation by introducing the perfect robot for newbies and connoisseurs to get started.

Media Contact Information:
NUWA Robotics
Annie Bi


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