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EYESBRIGHT Lutein with “7 Days Personal Experiences” to Expand 15 Countries

by Bertram Clark

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – With “7 days personal experiences,” Tung Sin Biomedical EYESBRIGHT Lutein opens international reputation and expand the new market to 15 countries.

The 2021 Global Health Food and Beverage Market Status, Trends and Impact of COVID-19 Report released by the Global Market Industry Research shows that the global health and supplement market will achieve US$733.1 billion in 2020 and the forecast is expected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2026.

In recent years, Tung Sin Biomedical has actively invested in R & D and expanded the international market. With the exclusive CMT technology combined with “Global E-commerce,” Tung Sin Biomedical officially expand business in 15 countries in 2022. Demonstrating the competitiveness will of Taiwan’s Biomedical industry on the international stage.

EYESBRIGHT “Product Reassurance Profile.” By scanning the QRcode, customers can have the product inspection report. Each box of products is attached with an eye chart so that consumers can self-test at home. (photo/ Tung Sin Biomedical)

After the launch of EYESBRIGHT Lutein, Tung Sin Biomedical Co., Ltd. follows Dr. Jui Shin Hung’s leads and achieved promising performance in less than one year.

The “Eye Chart Self-Experience” campaign and the recommendation by Dr. Ying Hsin Lin, the general director of the chain clinics, were well received, the EYESBRIGHT Lutein has since then gained great popularity, with over 9,000 users have experienced it, and taken steps to be part of the EYESBRIGHT’s family as a brand ambassador.

Mr. Howard Lin, Chief Operating Officer of Tung Sin Biomedical, said: “We have successful experience in cross-platform marketing and have integrated online and offline services to launch ‘Global E-commerce’ in January 2022, in response to the consumer behavior of the next 30 years.” “This new business model eliminates the financial pressure of wholesale goods and solves the problem of cross-country logistics challenges for the general public.”

Tung Sin Biomedical participated in the 2021 Taipei Maternity & Baby Expo to promote EYESBRIGHT Lutein. Left: Mr. Howard Lin, Right: Ms. Min Chia Chung. (photo/ Tung Sin Biomedical)

Ms. Min Chia Chung, Brand Marketing Manager of Tung Sin Biomedical, shares the secrets of successful brand strategy. She points out that “Success brand image can never solely rely on advertising, but by returning to the quality of the product.” “In 2019, we presented our research at The Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, allowing the world to witness the mission of the Tung Sin Biomedical R & D center–verifiable and healthy food.”

Our survey indicated that many well-known brands in the market pay little attention to providing consumer protection. To realize this purpose, Tung sin Biomedical introduces a “Product Reassurance Profile.” As long as you scan the QR code, found on the box, and you can immediately view each inspection report of the product. We hope this will catch the market’s attention to product inspection and establish a mechanism for consumer safety.

Our global goal is to share EYESBRIGHT’s experience with more individuals.

Next, we will proceed with the overall planning of the global agents.

Tung Sin Biomedical we sincerely invite international business teams to join as brand ambassadors to create more opportunities in the global market.

Tung Sin Biomedical highly recommends regular eyesight examination by medical practitioner and form a good habit of actively protecting their eyes sight. (photo/ Tung Sin Biomedical)

For more information, please refer to the Tung Sin Biomedical website https://www.tung-sin.com/

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