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After the Epidemic, the Entrepreneurial Franchise Market has Come to the 5.0 Era Ailanmeng Venture Franchise Network Assists in the Digital Transformation of the Franchise Headquarters

by Bertram Clark
(Photo via Ailanmeng Venture Franchise)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Due to the global epidemic in 2021, entrepreneurs and franchise headquarters are living in fear of opening stores, but it is still necessary to grasp the new trend of the market. Therefore, from this year to next year, the entrepreneurial franchise 5.0 model “OMO2O” will be created with a new chain model. The new ecology and new trajectory will increase the third-degree space for entrepreneurs to be good, so that the chain headquarters will be closer to consumers, and the physical experience will be more warm, digitalization will be more spread, and a global franchise ecosystem of virtual reality and co-prosperity will be created. And create a new chain model for digital entrepreneurs and franchise headquarters.

Lin Chin-Ying, CEO of Ailanmeng Venture Franchise Network, has been in the entrepreneurial ecosystem or chain franchise industry chain for nearly 18 years. He has coached customers in Taiwan, China, the United States, Southeast Asia and other regions, and has stepped into various chains. The industry has as many as thousands of outlets around the world and at home and abroad, and has won the trust and praise of customers; after collecting the questions and feedback from customers, the entrepreneurial franchise 5.0 model “OMO2O (Online-Merge-Offline-Office)” is proposed, and the content is based on Human being the core, from the experience of entrepreneurs, franchise headquarters service and management process virtual and actual collocation data, create connections, create office distanceless life, and develop a global chain ecosystem.

If there is a mature entrepreneurial store model and good franchise brand power, choosing the right model can quickly realize the entrepreneurial franchise 5.0 model “OMO2O”, realize the expansion of franchise brands, and accelerate the development of online international layout. Lin Chin-Ying pointed out that in the past The 1.0 era of franchise is a trademark, the 2.0 era is the franchise model, the 3.0 era is a digital chain franchise economic O2O model, and the 4.0 era realizes the internationalization of franchise and the integration of virtual and real OMO models that connect people with data. After the epidemic, The franchise market has developed to the 5.0 era. Therefore, the OMO2O franchise creates connections from the entrepreneur’s experience. It will be able to create a world connection, entrepreneurs’ lives without distance, and a global chain ecosystem. “Franchise brands are on the franchise track. Leading more than one track, the key is whether the brand can be globalized.”

Lin Chin-Ying adopts the entrepreneurial franchise 5.0 model OMO2O to assist entrepreneurs and franchise headquarters to successfully transform so that they can be completely unaffected during the epidemic. With 100% of the best franchise business model, find new profit models in the grim , He said: “Any innovation and breakthrough is bound to be a reform project. Don’t take advantage of the trough of the epidemic to make a leap and wait for competitors to find a suitable business model. Then everything is too slow!” He also believes that entrepreneurship will join the 5.0 model OMO2O model. It will be one of the best new business model solutions for entrepreneurs and franchise headquarters.

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