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TripleProbio Launches Ultra Antibacterial Probiotic Laundry Detergent Antibacterial Effects for up to 168 Hours

by Irma Katherine

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – In the battle against the global pandemic, in addition to wearing a face mask and washing hands, clothes cleaning is also an essential part, not only in achieving antibacterial effects but also bacteriostatic effects for an extended period of time! Aiming at the public demand for increased pandemic prevention measures, NamChow Crystal Soap has for the first time worked with “TripleProbio” under the flag of TCI Living Co., Ltd. With the natural liquid detergent, coupled with the exclusive patented probiotic TCI633 antibacterial technology, after more than six months of research and development, the Probiotic, Ultra Antibacterial, Liquid Laundry Detergent has been launched. The product is the first Taiwan made (MIT) probiotic antibacterial liquid laundry detergent in the market certified to demonstrate antibacterial effects for up to 168 hours!

Fiber-protection probiotic technology (Photo via TCI Living Co.)

In addition to effective cleaning with antibacterial and antistatic effects, clothes cleaning also demands antibacterial effects for an extended period of time.

Combining the strengths of Crystal Soap and TripleProbio in a win-win cooperation, TCI Group’s exclusively developed Probiotic TCI633 separated from “mother’s milk” has been added to the detergent. TCI633 has obtained patents from Taiwan, the United States, Japan and China, with many international awards. Its addition into detergent products can effectively “inhibit” and “delay” the generation of bad bacteria while encapsulating and deep cleaning textile fibers. The all-in-one washing experience of “thorough cleaning + antibacterial + bacteriostatic + fiber protection” can be achieved, making clothes naturally soft and fluffy after washing.

This new product features the retention of the existing strengths of Crystal Soap, including less foam, easy to rinse and water-saving. The ingredients are natural without the harmful effects associated with petrochemical detergent. By creating an environment not prone to the breeding of bad bacteria on the textile fibers and applying the probiotic formula to encapsulate textile fibers, the ultra-bacteriostatic effects can be achieved. The product has been certified by many international third parties, with the antibacterial rate exceeding 99.9% and long-term bacteriostasis for up to 168 hours (about a week). On top of it, the product ingredients contain no additives and are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, making it highly suitable for an adult’s sensitive skin or infants. Combining the strength of global green energy and environmental protection, the product is biodegradable, does not cause harm to the environment and is friendly to humans and the earth.

The Probiotic, Ultra Antibacterial, Liquid Laundry Detergent has been launched following the observation that the worsened situation of the pandemic and global alert has led to an increased public demand for upgraded pandemic prevention. In addition to washing hands frequently and wearing face masks, clothes cleaning and protection are also important. How to remove bacteria while doing the laundry and continue to achieve ultra-anti-bacterial and anti-bacteriostatic effects? The key lies in the exclusive technology in this new product!

In order to satisfy more consumer groups, the “high-efficiency (HE) formula for front-loading washing machines” was developed. Consumers of both top loading or front loading washing machines can select a suitable product with cleaning, anti-bacterial and protection results.

(Photo via TCI Living Co.)
(Photo via TCI Living Co.)

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