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Boost Your Bravery with Brave – in Search of Your Significant Other

by Irma Katherine

Los Angeles, CA (Merxwire) – Attending prearranged outings or blind dates to locate your Mister or Miss Right is almost like pin-balling around the vast galaxy of singletons, which is not only exhausting but a huge waste of time — whether you become successful or not. Brave, is a matchmaking platform designed for working professionals, that is engineered to tailor to human nature and is technologically driven which might turn out to be the best choice for you. The bio of each member is created through an interview to establish the individual’s uniqueness. The profiles are created using their real names to verify their identity. Potential dates are meticulously screened and selected based on preferences determined by the members. Each member will be assisted with creating a customized bio and will be matched with the aid of AI and big data by professional matchmaking specialists so that the lonely singles can find their perfect date and hopefully a partner that they wish to spend the rest of their lives with.

Seeing we are all live among the hustle and bustle of modern times, we are often too stressed out and preoccupied to make new friends or seek out dates. A lot of people are socially restricted in certain networking settings and are therefore not keen to make the first move due to a lack of social skills or confidence. Brave is here to help all the singletons to build-up their courage on their path of searching for their ideal partner. Boasting its one-on-one matching services, Brave finds the perfect match for its members using advice from your matchmaking consultant, psychologist, relationship advisor and exclusive big data filter and search functions. Registered members may have access to free consultation!

We offer more than just matchmaking. Our goal is to help you find your ideal partner, the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Brave comes with an exclusively pioneered messaging system that bridges all singletons and provides a private chatting space which is available 24/7. If you are worried about nervousness or a lack of warm-up ideas, we have that taken care of. Brave has several psychologists and relationship specialists at your disposal, who will not only boost your charm but also advise you on relationship and dating etiquette. If you need suggestions about a romantic date, we can provide tips on selecting the perfect venue and/or restaurant.

There is no shortage of dating apps out there. However, only a handful of those dating apps will actually help you in putting an end to your singleton status. Brave Consulting Limited has been providing systemic services based on big data, input from psychology experts, relationship specialists and social etiquette experts to pave a romantic path for many lovers and couples. Our expertise and teamwork are also internationally renowned, having been awarded the honorary certificate of strategic partnership in Hong Kong and Macau by the USA China Entrepreneurs Association, which serves as the foundation of the international perspectives for our development blueprint.

The Brave team has a saying that goes: “Love can be earned with courage. Everyone is entitled to happiness with the help of information technology as well as expert opinions and advice.” It is not news that people from all over the world date and fall in love with one another more often than ever before thanks to the vast outreach of the internet and the development of international travel. We are seeing an increasing number of cross-cultural couples and marriages, which is a witness to the interesting merge of cultures between the East and the West. Brave has now expanded its services to the US, UK, Singapore and Malaysia in hopes of creating more miracles across traditional borders. This international expansion also means an enlarged database that provides abundant statistics for analysis, which will help those in search of their ideal partner to quit using various dating apps – once and for all.

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