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How To Become a Best Business Podcast?

by Business PR

Many people are trying to find more audiences, but no one can be sure what audiences like and how to become a Best Business Podcast. Therefore, One Stone Creative analyzed more than 30 of datapoints for 100 podcasts to find the answer.

Gatineau, Quebec (Merxwire) – At the end of November, One Stone Creative released a research report on the top 100 business podcasts, “The State of Business Podcasts, 2020“. This report is an in-depth analysis of more than 30 data points in the top 100 podcasts classified as “business” broadcast by Apple Chart on October 15 and is reported by Chartable.

To give everyone a better understanding of the podcasting field, One Stone Creative researches 5 categories and analyzes their data. With these analyses, you can better grasp the tips for becoming the Best Business Podcast. Help you attract the attention of sponsors and audiences.

The report analyses data in 5 categories:

Age and Releases – How long have these shows been creating episodes? What does the frequency of release?
Branding and Monetization – What role do networks, sponsors, and audio-visual branding play?
Show Parts and Technology – How are the top shows structured, and how are they delivered?
Show Notes and Websites – How much content goes along with each episode, and how are the shows displayed?
Social Media – How are shows being promoted and on which platforms are audiences being curated?


“While there is no such thing as a hard and fast rule for podcasts,” says One Stone Creative co-founder, Megan Dougherty, “we now have a baseline for what the most popular business podcasts are doing. This data can be used inform the many decisions that go into designing and optimizing new and exisiting podcasts.”

More information please visit: https://onestonecreative.net/Report

SOURCE One Stone Creative

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