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The Negative Impact of 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

by Audrey Hazel

Do you like 11.11 Global Shopping Festival? This festival promotes the revenue of online stores but also fatigue of logistics personnel and increase garbage. When we celebrate the festival, we should think about the problems it brings.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Many people like 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, because during this period, goods will sell very cheaply! During this period, everyone will buy goods from the Internet; whether it is daily necessities or more expensive computers, mobile phones, electrical appliances, etc., orders can be generated with just one click. However, 11.11 Global Shopping Festival also brought many negative effects.

Increase in garbage

In order to protect the goods to maintain a certain degree of safety during transportation, sellers usually do not only use one packaging bag. When you receive the package, you usually open the carton first. There are many cushioning materials on it. The real product may need to open 1 to 2 bags before it appears. Some of these packaging bags can be recycled, but most of them are made of plastic, which is very unfriendly to the environment.

Physical stores suffer

11.11 Global Shopping Festival started from e-commerce. Since online stores are not physical stores, the rent and manpower are relatively low, so that goods can be sold cheaper, and merchants can still make profits. In normal times, the prices of online stores can be lower than in physical stores. 11.11 Global Shopping Festival has launched more discounts, causing many physical stores to suffer a blow and maybe on the verge of closing down.

Excessive fatigue of logistics personnel

During the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, people enjoyed discounts and ordered various products online. Since most of the goods need to be imported or shipped across counties and cities, logistics personnel usually work overtime during this period. They must quickly pass through each station in order to deliver the goods to the buyer as soon as possible. Logistics personnel may be overly fatigued.

Superstore stacking packages

In Taiwan, buyers can choose to ship products to the nearest supermarket. Buyers only need to pick up the package from the supermarket within seven days to complete the transaction. Too many people bought goods during the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival! This transaction mechanism makes the supermarket store too many packages, and the supermarket will be very crowded before buyers come to pick up the goods.

Impulse consumption

Many sellers will launch the annual best discounts on 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. What might this lead to? Buyers may buy unwanted goods on impulse! Many people’s spending habit is to use a credit card. When the bill arrives next month, these buyers may regret buying too many products or even being unable to pay the credit card fees. In addition, buyers may choose to return the goods, leading to a vicious circle of Increase garbage and excessive fatigue of logistics personnel.

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