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5 Tips for Maintaining a Balanced Diet at Year-End Parties

by Audrey Hazel

A year-end party is an important event that everyone is looking forward to. Whether it is a company award ceremony or a private dance party, calorie control, and a balanced diet are required to maintain a healthy body.

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New York, N.Y. (Merxwire) – This year is coming to an end. People are preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve activities. On these party occasions, there are all kinds of food, such as cakes, pizza, beer and so on. Especially in Asia, people will eat nutritious chicken soup, hot pot, or Chinese medicine soup. They believe that these foods can improve physical strength, but they are often accompanied by excessive calories and fat. How to maintain a balance in the party diet?

1. Reduce the amount of soup
One thing to pay attention to when drinking soup is to avoid excessive fat, sodium, and purine. You can reduce the amount of soup, remove the top layer of oil before drinking the soup, or choose a lighter soup. If the soup contains meat, seafood, and mushrooms, the higher the purine content, the simpler the ingredients, the better.

2. Avoid too much starch
There are many starchy foods, such as potatoes, pumpkins, taro, and yams. These root vegetables are rich in starch. If you have eaten a lot of French fries (potato products) at a party, you need to pay attention to whether the ingredients of other dishes contain starch.

3. Pay attention to processed foods
Everyone likes ham, pork ball, fish dumpling, crab stick, but these processed foods are prone to excessive sodium and phosphors, which may cause harm to the kidneys. Reducing processed foods and increasing whole food are good choices for health!

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4. Only eat until 80% full
People eat food and drink at the table and often forget the time, which leads to constantly eating food and forgetting to rest. This situation is likely to cause a gastrointestinal burden. It is recommended to increase the number of chewings and only eat until 80% full. Remind yourself to stop eating at an appropriate time.

5. Supplement plant protein
Are you a vegetarian? Protein is not only found in meat but also in many food ingredients. You can supplement protein from soy products. Soy products have plant-based protein; use some beans are used to replace meat, which will not eat too much saturated fat.

Appropriate calories & fats can maintain vitality and muscle mass, while excessive calories & fats will burden the body. It is recommended to always compare the absorption and consumption of calories to meet the needs of daily life and to maintain ideal body weight. You can also check the amount of body fat by a doctor to prevent it from blocking blood vessels and internal organs, and exercise to maintain the body.

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