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TALock TA Tech, Fansdoor Revolutionizes Facebook Ads Effectiveness

by Irma Katherine

It ’s not difficult to get likes on your Facebook page, especially if you only need some budget. However, companies should not violate the Facebook Community Stardand, which will cause unexpected and major harm. Fansdoor TALock technology attracts a lot of real fans for the company’s Pages, and it is very cheap.

San Jose, CA – Facebook is currently the biggest social networking service based on global reach and total active users. It’s now one of the largest online advertising platforms with advertising revenue exceeds $15 billion per quarter. To support this large ad spend, the Facebook Ads manager platform has evolved into an incredibly powerful tool. Along with this, however, comes ever greater complexity, skilled setting skills and accurate data reference, which affects the effectiveness of advertising.

More Facebook likes! This is the driving enthusiasm of some social media marketers. When users view the Facebook page, they usually consider the number of liked. They determine the brand’s impression from the number of likes. Previously, companies bought fake likes for Facebook pages, but Facebook did not allow this behavior, they usually actively deleted these fake likes or followers. The lowered number will destroy the brand impression, and consumers will recognize that the company’s Page likes are deceptive. Fansdoor has published the TALock System since 2017, the technology provides stable TA recommendations for advertisers. It significantly reduces advertising expenditures. Therefore, Fansdoor does not sell fake likes, they promote effective advertisements for corporate users, which is more valuable. Of users will like Pages.

For those who have no experience in Facebook advertising, the audience conditions are too much or even difficult to choose. So if you have done research and are confused about the number of available options, Fansdoor’s TALock System can help companies, the Pages of these companies gain a lot of real fans, and they are very stable.


Fansdoor’s fan page has 1.3 million likes and followers, unexpectedly, these numbers are very stable. – via Fansdoor’s Facebook page


Facebook’s user base keeps growing, despite its huge, ever-growing competition in the social arena. Facebook maintains the fairness of the platform and the value of advertising, which makes it difficult to control the number of fans on Facebook. Facebook is constantly pushing its advertising capabilities, targeting mobile opportunities, using creative formats to appeal to custom audiences. Advertisers around the world have found that Facebook’s advertising opportunities have proven their worth, time and again.

With 2.498 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days. During the last reported quarter, the company stated that 2.9 billion people were using at least one of the company’s core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger) each month.

Chart: Data via Statista


According to Statista statistics, as of March 2020, because of the corona virus, people use more social media at home, the proportion of American social media users has increased significantly. Fansdoor’s TALock tech opens up a shining sunshine for the social management by the enterprise. With more and more stable real human fans, corporate promotion will be smoother.

* Chart: https://www.statista.com/study/71797/coronavirus-impact-on-us-online-usage/

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