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NESCO Slow Cooker: Save You Time and Money

by Audrey Hazel

Slow cooker line of products is a popular product of NESCO. It allows you to save cooking time, foods that do not need to be cooked for a long time, and even automatically switches to “Keep Warm”, saving you time and money.

Manitowoc, WI (Merxwire) – NESCO is a manufacturer of small kitchen appliances and accessories, dedicated to making cooking enjoyable for its users, making it a key element of your celebration. we’re in the heart of what we would historically have called “slow cooker season.” Cold winter is suitable for hot soup. Slow cooker can be used for stews and meat.

They are great for quick and easy meals at home, at a tailgate or at your family gathering. They safely keep heat for hours, allowing you to add all your ingredients and start your meals in the morning and then come home to delicious home-cooked meals ready to serve.

Our digital models even have the capability to automatically switch to Keep Warm for those meals that may not require cooking times as long as the work day.

Tips for using the NESCO line of slow cooker products:

1. Don’t overfill or underfill. A good rule of thumb is three quarters full. That allows for circulation and maintaining a steady temperature without burning.

2. Use less expensive cuts of meat. One of the greatest benefits of the slow cooking method is the way it brings out the flavors in any cut of meat and makes it tender. Save the money!

3. Don’t use too much liquid. Unlike pots and pans liquid in a slow cooker will not reduce. Avoid watered down dishes by using the right amount of liquid.

4. Don’t add dairy products too early. Adding dairy products at the beginning of your recipe may cause them to curdle. Avoid adding dairy products until the very end.

5. Don’t open the lid while cooking. Constantly opening and closing the lid will reduce the temperature inside the pot and increase the required cooking time.

6. Use slow cooker recipes for the perfect blend of flavors. Similar to our electric pressure cooker recipes, you should consider the size of your slow cooker and the number of people you are serving. Adapt each recipe accordingly.

“Our slow cooker line can save you time and money,” says Kuenzi. “They also travel well, making you the hit of every family gathering.”

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

At NESCO, we believe life is an occasion worth celebrating. We’re dedicated to being Your Key Ingredient in those celebrations by making cooking enjoyable again with our complete line of innovative small kitchen appliances and accessories. NESCO began as the National Enameling and Stamping Company and created the first Roaster Oven in 1931. NESCO is currently headquartered in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.


More information please visit: https://www.nesco.com/save-time-and-money-with-a-nesco-slow-cooker/

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: NESCO
Country: United States
Phone: +1-800-288-4545
Website: https://www.nesco.com/

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