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Prestige Patronart Launches Bluetooth Keyboard “APOR.I”

by Bertram Clark

Prestige Patronart introduces a new keyboard that supports Bluetooth and USB receivers, which will be available on the market on November 3rd, priced at $25.

Fort Wayne, Indiana (Merxwire) – Prestige Patronart’s new Bluetooth keyboard “APOR.I” will be available on November 3rd and will be sold in 3C online stores worldwide. “APOR.I” has Bluetooth 3.0 patent technology, which can support all kinds of computers and mobile devices of different brands. It is a very practical 3C product, and it is cheap and suitable for mass purchase.

The Bluetooth external keyboard “APOR.I” has a simple and stylish design, an ergonomic streamlined shape, and 84 key shafts. The overall weight is 500g, the thickness is 6cm, the tripod has been redesigned, the size is light and easy to carry. Available in three colors, priced at only US$25.

The new keyboard supports Bluetooth and USB receivers, allowing easy switching between mobile devices of all brands and computers. Large-capacity battery, the keyboard standby time is more than 30 days, continuous use can exceed 260 hours, and the dedicated charging group can be fully charged in one hour.

Prestige Patronart design team said that the Bluetooth keyboard is easy to use and comfortable, suitable for both adults and children, and the team is very happy to make this product. In the future, Prestige Patronart may redevelop “APOR.II” and hope to continue to bring users convenient 3C products.

About Prestige-Patrona

Founded in 2014, Prestige Patronart was first engaged in the OEM of 3C peripheral products such as mouse, keyboard and stereo. By 2005, it expanded its business to launch its own manufacturing brand and diversified its products. Now it also produces Bluetooth headsets, mobile power and hard dish.

SOURCE Prestige Patronart

For more information and demo, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/PrestigePatron/


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Company Name: Prestige Patronart
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Phone: +1 260-209-4791

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Karders 20 10 月, 2019 - 2:19 下午

I look forward to seeing a product with a sense of design.

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