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Scientists Have Confirmed that Eating Yogurt Can Eliminate the Smell of Garlic in Your Mouth

by Julie Howard

Many people like to add garlic to food to increase the aroma, but it is very distressing to have bad breath after eating garlic. Now, people who love garlic are in luck. According to the latest research, eating full-fat yogurt can effectively eliminate the unpleasant smell of garlic. 

Research shows that eating full-fat yogurt can effectively remove the annoying garlic smell left in the mouth. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Boston, MA (Merxwire) – Garlic is one of the common ingredients in cooking. Its unique aroma can add flavor to food, but it leaves an annoying odor in the mouth after eating it, making people afraid to eat it even if they like it. To this end, scientists finally found a solution. According to the latest research, as long as you eat yogurt immediately after eating garlic, 99% of the garlic odor can be removed.

A new study by a team of researchers at The Ohio State University found that whole milk yogurt can reduce the smell of garlic. The researchers divided the yogurt into fat, protein, and water and put them into a glass jar with raw garlic. After confirming that the concentration of garlic smell reached the detectable standard for the human nose, they tested it through the human sense of smell to evaluate the scent. This ingredient can produce the best inhibitory effect on garlic smell. The results showed that although fat, water, and protein have a deodorizing impact on raw garlic, yogurt performed best, reducing the smell of garlic by 99%. The study was published in the journal Molecules.

Full-fat plain yogurt is most effective in reducing garlic odor. (Photo via unsplash.com)

The fat, water, and protein components in yogurt also deodorize raw garlic, but fat and protein perform better than water. When it comes to fat, the higher the fat content, the better the deodorizing effect. In the protein part, whey protein and casein perform best. Research Professor Shirley. Sheryl Barringer believes Greek yogurt is the most effective in removing garlic odor.

In addition to raw garlic, scientists tested fried garlic and found that yogurt has a poor deodorizing effect on fried garlic. It is speculated that fried garlic will reduce the volatile compounds that produce odor, so yogurt Has less odor that can be captured.

Of course, there are many ways to eliminate the bad breath after eating garlic, such as drinking green tea, eating apples, or eating spearmint and lettuce containing phenolic compounds, effectively improving the garlic smell in the mouth. However, no matter what food is used, it must be eaten immediately after ingesting raw garlic for the best effect.

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