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Taiwan Entrepreneur Angelo Koo is Dedicated to Help Raise Children Out of Poverty Through Education

by Audrey Hazel
China Development Foundation Chairman and CDIB Capital Group Chairman Angelo Koo. (Courtesy of China Development Foundation)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Angelo Koo, Chairman of the China Development Foundation (CDF) and Chairman of CDIB Capital Group, deeply believes that “education is the most valuable investment” and that only education and knowledge can raise children with insufficient resources out of poverty.

Since taking over as the chairman of the foundation in 2006, he has used the foundation as a platform to promote various charity programs. Believing that keeping disadvantaged students fed is the basis of all plans, he promoted the CDF “Nutrition 100” program. Starting with subsidizing 36 schools in Taitung County, it has now expanded to ten counties and cities in Taiwan, supporting more than 10,000 people each year.

A nutritious lunch is usually the most important meal of a day for rural school children. However, many rural schools are often unable to purchase good ingredients or sufficient ingredients due to the difficulty in transporting ingredients to rural areas or high prices. The CDF “Nutrition 100” program annually subsidizes children’s nutrition fund in elementary and middle schools in Taiwan’s rural areas to help school children with insufficient resources not only have enough food, but also have good food.

CDIB Capital Group Chairman Angelo Koo, left, attends a press event for the Nutrition 100 program. (Courtesy of China Development Foundation)

This year, in light of the pandemic, Koo is particularly concerned about children’s health. The foundation announced in June that it would invest NT$5 million and subsidize 226 rural elementary and middle schools, helping students get more fruits, milk and other nutritious ingredients to help boost their health and COVID-19 readiness.

In order to give CDIB Capital Group employees a chance to witness the problems of rural schools and the work of the Foundation, Koo occasionally invites them to team up to serve as lunch volunteers and help deliver meals to children. These “lunch dates” have become the most popular volunteer activities in the CDF.

Many years ago in the Czech Republic, Koo met a young man who had originally studied at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. but dropped out due to poverty. Because of his love for talent, Koo encouraged the man to return to school and provide necessary assistance. The man later completed his studies under the sponsorship of Koo, and was able to use his abilities to help others. The various public welfare projects promoted by Koo through the CDF aim to help economically disadvantaged students develop skills with special potentials. These include the “Dumbo Scholarship” project, the “Heritage 100 × Tutoring 100 Program” inviting college students to serve as tutors for disadvantaged students and the “Technical Student Scholarship” aimed to help students with potential of technical skills. Every year, the Foundation help hundreds of students in Taiwan build their dreams and get rid of poverty through education.

Koo is a key figure in Taiwan’s financial sector and a philanthropist. He donated in his personal capacity one million surgical masks to New Jersey in April 2020.

A student receives his scholarship at a Dumbo Scholarship ceremony. (Courtesy of China Development Foundation)

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