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Enjoy Green Gold in City! Feel Taipei Outing Fun

by Audrey Hazel

Who said that the city only has technology? There are not only buildings in Taipei, but also many parks, green spaces, and mountains. Let’s go cycling and climbing together!

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Taipei City is the most densely populated city in Taiwan. Although there are high-rise buildings everywhere, there are still many green spaces. In Taipei, parks are very popular facilities. Mountain climbing is also an interest of many people. Many people go to Riverside Park for dates or enjoy parent-child time.

Riverside Park

Parks are rare public assets in big cities. Parks that provide entertainment for children may include Game facilities, and parks for adults may have trails and art installations to beautify the environment. In addition, specific features such as Bikeway can also be included to support specific activities, so the park has always been a very popular facility.

Along the Keelung River, there are many riverside parks and Bikeway, where visitors can enjoy the scenery of green space and river. There are also some sports facilities and children’s play areas in the riverside park. On holidays, you will see parents playing sports here, and the children have fun in the play areas. Ride along Bikeway to connect various riverside parks.

You can also see Taipei 101 in a specific location! Rainbow Riverside Park is located to the northeast of Taipei 101. It has a wide view and is one of the best places to see the night scene. On New Year’s Eve, it is also a good place to watch the Taipei 101 fireworks show. Every year, many people and photographers come to watch the fireworks.

Bikeway in Riverside Park offers a view. (Photo via Merxwire)

Taipei famous park

Dahu Park is located in the Neihu District of Taipei. It has a Chinese style and garden design. The lake covers an area of ​​​​about 10 hectares and is the largest large lake in Taipei. There are many Egrets, Night herons, Geese, Gallinula chloropus, Ducks, and many seasonal birds in the park.

Daan Park is located in Daan District, Taipei City. It covers an area of ​​​​25.9354 hectares and is the largest park in Taipei City. Similar to large parks in other cities, Daan Park is surrounded by high-priced luxury apartments that receive premium prices for their desirable views. The price of some of these apartments reached 1.5 billion US dollars in 2018.

228 Peace Memorial Park, formerly named Taihoku New Park, is a park located in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei City. It covers an area of ​​​​​​76,180 square meters. It is adjacent to the Presidential Office Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taipei Guest House, National Taiwan University Hospital, and other places. This is a leisure place for the people and a park full of historical stories.

Daan Park is rich in woods and natural ecology. (Photo via Merxwire)

Taipei famous mountain

Yangmingshan, the closest national park to the Taipei metropolitan area, the overall scope includes Datun Mountain, Qixing Mountain, Shamao Mountain, Xiaoguanyin Mountain, etc., geographically covering part of the mountain ranges in Taipei City and New Taipei City, and the altitude of the mountain ranges from 200 to 1120 meters , The total area is about 11,500 hectares. There are different flowers in all seasons, suitable for tourists to watch the beautiful scenery.

Yangmingshan is also one of the best places to watch fireflies. There are about ten kinds of fireflies here, divided into aquatic and terrestrial types, such as Luciola cerata and Diaphanes citrinus. Here, there are different fireflies from April to October, and visitors can see the firefly’s ecology in different seasons.

To see the full appearance of Taipei 101, you can go to Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain). Xiangshan is a mountain in Taipei City. Because it looks like the head of an elephant, it is also named Elephant Mountain. There are many species of creatures and birds, and there are trails, so visitors can easily conquer the mountain. At night, many couples will go on a date and watch the night view. It is also one of the best places to watch Taipei’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

The appearance of Taipei 101. (Photo via Merxwire)

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