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Code18 Interactive Launches New Websites for Balmex Complete Protection and Balmex AdultAdvantag

by Audrey Hazel

Code18 Interactive has launched new responsive websites for two health and wellness brands, Balmex Complete Protection and Balmex AdultAdvantag.

New York (Merxwire) – Code18 Interactive announced that it had launched new websites for Balmex Complete Protection and Balmex AdultAdvantag, respectively. Both are fully customized and fully responsive WordPress sites. These two websites have e-commerce functions supported by WooCommerce, enabling these two brands to provide direct-to-consumer sales services for the first time.

The Balmex Complete Protection and Balmex AdultAdvantage, these two brands are part of Randob Labs’ product portfolio. Randob Labs is a private family company dedicated to revitalizing and maintaining heritage brands in the OTC healthcare space. “Collaborating and working with Randob Labs has been an exciting adventure. Both Balmex and Balmex Adult provide big relief from common, irritating issues,” says Code18 Interactive founder Steve Pilon. “And providing relief and solutions to everyday problems is exactly what Randob Labs is all about. We’re thrilled to be a part of this process.”

As a well-established presence in the baby aisle, Balmex Complete Protection offers pediatrician-recommended diaper rash cream and multi-purpose healing ointment to help protect, soothe and heal baby’s delicate skin. “Many health and wellness websites only talk about what their product can do for consumers.

However, Balmex is all about providing fast relief and reliable, proven solutions. Therefore, the website needed to clearly explain the causes of diaper rash and skin irritation, as well as provide simple steps parents can take to help prevent diaper rash in the first place,” says Pilon. “The brand’s willingness to go the extra mile for new parents is just one of the many reasons parents have been trusting Balmex for over 50 years.”

Clinically proven Balmex AdultAdvantage offers the same key benefits—a cream that protects, soothes and heals irritated and chafed skin—as its 50-year-old sibling brand. Available as a standalone skin relief cream or as part of an innovative on-the-go, 3-in-1 kit, Balmex AdultAdvantage helps older adults live life more comfortably.

“For many older adults incontinence or bladder leakage controls their life, and unfortunately, many people just accept this fate,” says Pilon. “With the Balmex Adult website we really focused on awareness—awareness of this fantastic product, awareness of the benefits, and mostly, awareness that you can take back control of your life with Balmex AdultAdvantage.”

Code18 Interactive is a New York WordPress Agency that caters primarily to national consumer and media brands. The agency specializes in the design and development of enterprise-level WordPress and Magento 2 websites. They have the pleasure of working with many wonderful brands, including: GoGo squeeZ, Boursin Cheese, Public Radio International, The Laughing Cow, Grove Atlantic Publishing, C.O. Bigelow and many others.

More information please visit: http://www.code18.com/

SOURCE Code18 Interactive

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: Code18 Interactive
Contact Person: Steve Pilon
Email: greetings@code18.com
Country: United States
Website: https://code18.com/

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