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Taiwan’s Technological Goals of the Future

by Sheila Nelly

The Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology presents a film at the CES Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) showcasing its current goals and vision of the future.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), for many years, has been hosting thousands of technology brands and startups showcasing the latest in innovative technology. CEOs and aficionados gravitate to Las Vegas to view the stands and connect with innovators and creators featured at CES. This year, CES has moved online, and far from being a drawback, it has allowed many startups to showcase their technology without the logistical burden and costs associated with a physical appearance at the show.
The Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has assisted many startups at previous CES. This year, their support has taken another dimension. The Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) has been reconstructed online and carries the latest Taiwanese innovations to the world.

MOST has released a feature film highlighting both the country’s philosophy and the startups that exemplify those ideals. 

“Mankind is persistent and won’t give up making things possible” (Photo via EETimes)

The video highlights the importance of how technology can provide for a more pleasurable existence in a rapidly changing world. Technology is becoming more and more personalized and optimized; people will have access to a better life quality across boundaries. Within this scope, technical auxiliary equipment will play a significant role in bridging humankind with the digital world.

Through this connection, the idea is that we can change the “impossible to I’m possible” by “believing and then achieving.”

The Startups

The film features a select group of innovators exemplifying these ideals and starring in this year’s CES.


One of the people featured in the film is Co-founder of Tresl, John Chao, who explained that the message, “humankind is persistent and won’t give up,” is evidenced through “the incredible digital transformation of businesses going online, especially eCommerce.”

Tresl’s mission is to simplify data-driven marketing through its eCommerce platform, Segments Analytics. The 1-click customer segmentation platform puts businesses on par with large enterprises when it comes to analytical power. It is just like having “your own data science team.”

Ganzin Technology

Professor Shao Yi Chen, Founder and CEO of Ganzin Technology, will show his company’s next-generation eye tracking modules at this year’s show. The solution can be easily integrated into AR/VR devices and smart glasses. Furthermore, their AI-powered eye tracking algorithms can be used in Qualcomm XR platforms or into their own Edge AI processor. Ganzin promises the most user-friendly and compact eye-tracking tech on the market.

Gazing was also an honoree of the 2020 CES Innovation Award for their Aurora eye-tracking module.

Mindtronic AI

Mindtronic AI provides an interactive driving experience via touchless sensors, which generate a seamless transition between human drivers and robotic drivers. BR Director, Coco Song, pointed out to us that the message in the film, “to lessen the pains and create a more enjoyable living,” is vital to Mindtronic AI because “…we help the industry via our own developed technology”. The WHO reported that more than 1.35M people died due to road traffic injuries every year. Mindtronic AI help keep drivers alert by predicting a driver’s movement and taking action before an accident occurs. Mintronic AI has received four CES Innovation awards from 2018 to 2020.


“Confidential Edge Computing Nodes” is what FiduciaEdge provides. This is done to produce real-time AI inference results without disclosing raw data, which protects the computing process from malicious hackings and keeps data and algorithm owners’ know-how private from “second” parties.

Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor and Tech (TFT)

The goal of TFT is a more personalized healthcare system. The company’s Test Food Allergen Detection System is a kit connected via an app that allows users to detect and quantify the amount of gluten in their food in under two minutes. By developing connected gluten detectors, they aim to create an efficient network for the gluten-free community.

Visit the CES Taiwan Tech Arena to explore these innovations and more. While there, you can interact with representatives from the startups, hold virtual meetings, create business contacts, and witness demonstrations of the latest technology that Taiwan has to offer.


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