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Flower in Taipei! Let’s Enjoy the Beautiful Flowers Outdoors

by Audrey Hazel

After a hard 2020, let us welcome the hopeful 2021! Flower in Taipei activities has been launched-Taipei Camellias Show, LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival, Yangmingshan Flower Festival.

(Photo via Pixabay.com)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Taipei Camellias Show and LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival, Yangmingshan Flower Festival is coming soon! The flower season is matched with the Taipei City Government’s tourism subsidy and the Spring Festival project, attracting people to spend a wonderful holiday with their families during the winter vacation and Spring Festival and enjoy the happy atmosphere of blooming flowers. Hand in hand with your family, let’s travel together!

The Flower in Taipei event will include installation art, limited seasonal desserts, hot spring delicacies, limited edition gifts, etc. Let us follow the time when the flowers are in full bloom, join the event in Taipei’s event venues, feel the beauty of spring, and create happy memories.

Taipei Camellias Show

From January 8 to January 17, it will be exhibited at the Floriculture Experiment Center in Yangmingshan for ten days. This year it will exhibit camellias bonsai in a variety of colors. The Floriculture Experiment Center has suitable slightly acidic soil, coupled with humid climate conditions, especially suitable for the growth of camellia. The blooming period of camellia is from January to March. During this period of each year, the Floriculture Experiment Center will hold activities, inviting camellia experts from each place to display the precious camellia, presenting the most beautiful combination of flowers and trees.

LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival

From January 31 to February 28, a 30-day cherry blossom viewing event will be held at Neihu LOHAS Park. Taiwan cherry blossoms will bloom first, and then Yaezakura double cherry blossoms will also bloom. In particular, this is a night event, where LEDs are used to illuminate the cherry blossoms at night to create a new landscape. The opening event will arrange Acappella performances and food night markets, and other activities, allowing the activities to accompany the people through Valentine’s Day and Spring Festival.

Yangmingshan Flower Festival

From February 6 to March 21, the Yangmingshan Flower Festival will be held in Yangmingshan National Park. This is the most anticipated event for the public. You can enjoy cherry blossoms, camellia, and azalea at the same time. Yangmingshan Flower Festival is expected to have the most participants-the opening event will perform Taiwanese opera, and there will be a picnic concert during the holiday on February 28, followed by some DIY experiences and other activities. Those who register successfully and participate in the event will get a limited edition gift!

In order to encourage people to participate in the event, this year’s event will continue to cooperate with nearby businesses to provide people with preferential products. The event also launched a travel itinerary jointly with travel agencies, inviting local hotels, hot spring hotels, and restaurants to offer discounts. In 2021, let’s enjoy the beautiful flowers in a beautiful mood.

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