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Austin Police Department:OSCR360 Crime Scene Investigation Training

by Audrey Hazel

Austin Police Department is the first organization in Texas to purchase the OSCR360 system. Recently, trainees have completed professional training, which can be used in crime scene investigation, field records and case organization, saving personnel a lot of time and energy.

Austin, TX (Merxwire) – The Austin Police Department, in collaboration with L-Tron, has recently completed professional training in OSCR360 hardware and software, which can be used in crime scene investigations, on-site document filing and case organization. The training took place on January 15th at the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Austin, including a commander and detective, as well as L-Tron trainers, and retired sheriff deputy Andy McNeill. Austin Police Department is the first agency in Texas to purchase an OSCR360 system.

McNeill was one of the trainees and said: “When I went to Austin Police Department for training, all the staff were professional, friendly and easy to cooperate with. They had some initial biases on the function of OSCR, but as the training progressed, They are glad to learn that OSCR software is so versatile. The SI department regularly provides evidence and case investigation results to superior staff and the District Attorney’s Office. So far, they have relied on PowerPoint. With OSCR, all different types of multimedia files It can be done quickly and easily, which can save our work a lot of time and energy. “

The OSCR360 System was initially vetted and purchased by Austin Police Department’s Intelligence and Police Technology Unit, because of it’s ability to capture 360-degree scene photos quickly. The Special Investigations Unit, with a motto that pledges to “Leave no stone unturned in seeking the truth,” is the first unit in the Department to try out OSCR. During the training, members of the SIU were amazed to discover that OSCR is capable of more than just taking 360-degree photographs. The system includes extensive but still user-friendly software capabilities, developed specifically for Law Enforcement.

L-Tron’s Andy McNeill, a retired Sheriff’s Deputy of 20 years, has vast experience as a crime scene investigator, collision reconstructionist and forensic video analyst. He continues to teach training courses for crime scene technicians.

Austin Police Department has more then 2,500 officers and support personnel across 48 units. Austin is America’s 11th largest city with a population close to 1 million. According to the department’s website (http://www.austintexas.gov/department/police), the Special Investigations Unit works on “criminal investigations involving all sworn peace officers alleged to have committed a criminal offense within the jurisdiction of the Austin Police Department.”

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