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Who We Play For Partners with QT Medical to Bring Youth ECG Screening Nationwide

by Irma Katherine

Los Angeles, CA (Merxwire) – QT Medical, a medical technology company focusing on cardiac care with personal electrocardiogram (ECG), announces that it is partnering with Who We Play For Foundation to provide ECG screening of student athletes for risks of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Who We Play For will use QT Medical’s flagship ECG system, PCA 500, at its large-scale screening events and in schools.

(Photo via Who We Play For Foundation)

According to the American Heart Association, SCA is the leading medical cause of death in young athletes. Undiagnosed heart conditions are often the causes for SCA. Because ECG is a quick, simple, non-invasive test that provides a lot of information about the heart, many experts advocate ECG screening of young athletes to prevent SCA.

PCA 500 is a complete 12-lead ECG platform that includes a super-compact recorder, a prepositioned electrode strip, mobile apps, computer interpretation, and HIPAA-compliant cloud. It is the only medical standard 12-lead ECG cleared by the FDA for professional and laypeople use. After extensive search for ECG systems, Who We Play For chooses PCA 500 for its ease of use, efficiency, and cloud management, which greatly improve the workflow in a large-scale screening event.

(Photo via Who We Play For Foundation)
(Photo via QT Medical, Inc.)

“We are extremely excited about the partnership with Who We Play For. While sharing the same vision of providing better cardiac care and preventing cardiac death, QT Medical is proud to provide the technological solution that Who We Play For needs to scale up their operation to make a greater impact.” — QT Medical’s CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang said in an interview.

“Who We Play For (WWPF) was founded after a group of best friends watched their teammate, Rafe Maccarone, die on a soccer field to a detectable heart condition. As a nonprofit, we play the never-ending game of finding the financial resources, and equipment, to help the most vulnerable kids in America. We are truly grateful to the QT Medical team for the support, sponsorship and partnership in our shared mission to save lives.” — Evan Ernst, Executive Director of Who We Play For, said.

This year marks Who We Play For’s 10th annual December to ReMem6er weekend, which includes our Holiday Scramble Golf Tournament and the Brevard’s Finest soccer game. This beautiful weekend of events (12/18-12/19) will bring together leaders from across our Central Florida community to prioritize the issue of SCA prevention and to raise funds for kids who otherwise could not afford to have their heart checked.

About QT Medical

QT Medical is a visionary startup that aims to make hospital-grade 12-lead ECG accessible to everyone. Focusing on innovations in the field of telemedicine and home care, we continue to invest in development of products that will bring better cardiac care to patients. For more info, https://www.qtmedical.com

About Who We Play For

Who We Play For Foundation is a 510(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Florida. Founded in 2013, our mission is to eliminate preventable sudden cardiac death in the young through affordable heart screenings. Who We Play For brings affordable, efficient and non-invasive heart screenings to communities across the country. For more info, https://www.whoweplayfor.org


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SOURCE: QT Medical, Inc.

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