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Start with Love, Empower Women to Work and Improve Hunger Problem among Young Children

by Amélie Poulain

“This Saves Lives”, a food brand that promotes changes in the world by operating companies, and “Love Is Project,” a hand-made accessories brand in the name of love, jointly promote the empowerment of women to improve child malnutrition. Through every purchase, they donate high-nutritional and functional foods to children in need. It also allows Kenyan women to create accessories to earn reasonable rewards to achieve economic freedom and promote community development.  

Buy a holiday gift that conveys love.(Photo via Pexels.com)

Los Angeles, CA (Merxwire) –The delicious food brand “This Saves Lives” and the fair trade accessory brand “Love Is Project” have collaborated to launch the limited festive gift box “LoveSaves Holiday Gift”, which was officially on sale on Tuesday, November 30. This unique holiday gift gives Kenyan women the ability to be self-reliant, and at the same time provides them with life-saving food “Plumpy’Nut” to support them in saving their children’s health. This is also a unique way to celebrate the Independence Day of Kenya on December 12. 

Each exquisitely packaged gift box contains 12 delicious dark chocolate & cherry bars and a special edition bracelet with the words “Love Saves” specially made on it. Every time a customer purchases a chocolate bar, “This Saves Lives” will donate a “Plumpy’Nut” life-saving food to children who lack nutrition. “Plumpy’Nut” is a nutritious peanut butter invented in 1996 by André Briend, a French pediatrician, and produced by Nutriset. It contains high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals, which can quickly add calories. It contains high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals, which can quickly add calories. It has also been jointly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the World Food Programme (WFP) as a functional food for the treatment of severe malnutrition, so that children suffering from acute malnutrition could restore health and thrive. Each special edition bracelet is handmade by women in Kenyan, creating sustainable income for thousands of women in the Maasai tribe and their families.

More than two-fifths of children do not eat on time .(Photo via Pexels.com)

The problem of hunger among African children has always attracted worldwide attention, and it is also an important issue that different humanitarian organizations hope to improve. According to statistics, one-fifth of the population in Africa suffers from malnutrition; two-fifths of children do not eat on time; more than 90% of African children do not meet the daily minimum acceptable dietary standards set by the World Health Organization. According to survey data from the World Bank, due to insufficient food supplies, more than one-third of the deaths of children in South Africa are due to malnutrition. Around 10,000 children in the world die of hunger every day, and hunger not only causes serious death problems but also children’s developmental retardation. Take Kenya as an example, the current average annual GDP growth rate is 2%, but the growth rate of developmental retardation of young children is 2.5%. If the problem of hunger cannot be improved, or even gets worse, by 2050, more than one billion children and adolescents in Africa will be trapped in chronic malnutrition and hunger.

What are the possible causes of the hunger problem? This is a problem involving multiple levels of complexity. The United Nations report pointed out that a country with long-term civil wars, climate change, and domestic economic problems will cause food shortages and unstable supplies. Their people, especially children, will suffer from chronic malnutrition. Of course, “poverty” is also a difficult subject. Nearly half of the people in sub-Saharan Africa live in poverty. Issues such as inequality between rich and poor, gender inequality, and imbalances in the food supply chain make children hungry and unable to have adequate and high-quality diets. Moreover, affected by COVID-19, the number of hungry people in the world had increased by nearly 20% last year. Most hungry people are children and women, and poverty-stricken areas and rural areas have the highest proportion of hunger. Therefore, by providing fair and reasonable wages to enhance women’s economic autonomy, it can also promote community development. This is a way to improve poverty and solve the problem of hunger.

Provide reasonable wages and purchase crafts based on fair trade principles. (Photo via Pexels.com)

The two brands “This Saves Lives” and “Love Is Project” have been working hard for many years in improving child hunger and supporting women’s economic autonomy. Over the past eight years, “This Saves Lives” has donated more than 29 million packs of “Plumpy’Nut” to severely malnourished children around the world. “Love Is Project” cooperated with more than 1,400 female artisans across Kenya, providing wages that are 10-15 times the average minimum wage in Kenya, affecting more than 14,000 families, and supporting establishing 36 community farms and 13 water tanks. Every bracelet sold is to empower thousands of female artisans in developing countries around the world through fair wages, health care, education, etc., paving the way for a better future. Since the establishment of the company, it had provided jobs and new opportunities for 2,000 females in 10 countries around the world. Through reasonable job opportunities, financial autonomy, and charitable donations, it has affected the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Choosing a gift with heart to give someone can make him or her feel happy; choosing a gift of “love” to someone and could help other people, it’s more meaningful. Love extends from you and me to the whole world, improving the lives of other people and holding everyone’s hands. In the coming Christmas season, buy this gift of love online, give it to your beloved family and friends, and help children and women in need. Bring warmth to the chaotic and difficult world under COVID-19, and repair the cracks with love.

Strung the world with love.(Photo via Pexels.com)

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