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Make America Strong Again, EC company focuses on “Made in USA”

by Bertram Clark
In recent years, the US government has focused on local manufacturing policies to improve manufacturing competitiveness. (Photo via Unsplash)

New York, NY (Merxwire) – With the advent of the e-commerce shopping era, consumer patience is rapidly declining, and prices are no longer considered when shopping. The shopping experience of the website or the number of products and even the story packaging of the products have become important considerations. Use strong. IO Chief Executive Kris Masinski said: “Using mobile devices for online shopping has become a trend. Consumers love an efficient way to purchase goods at one time and make it easier to complete the purchase.”

In the post-epidemic era, e-commerce sales reached a record high, reaching the e-commerce volume of the past ten years in just three months. According to Shopify’s survey of 11 markets around the world, 84% of consumers shopped online during the epidemic, not only young people Consumer groups, but older consumer groups have also entered the world of online shopping. Global retail e-commerce has estimated that e-commerce sales in 2021 will reach 4.479 trillion U.S. dollars.

The promising e-commerce market has attracted many companies to invest one after another. How to stand out in the chaotic war, whether its characteristics can be favored by consumers is important. For example, the first USA strong. IO aims to support local businesses, increase employment opportunities in the community, and rebuild the local economy.

The United States is deeply affected by the epidemic and its economy is hit hard. US President Biden signed an executive order this year to “buy American products” to support American-made products and cooperate with the USA strong. The IO concept coincides with each other. Kris Masinsky believes that buying American-made products can increase the trust of the people in the country, and directly affect the sustainability of the earth and help the people around it.

USA strong from the United States. The IO shopping website sees the needs of society and consumers and provides a one-stop shopping app, which gathers more than 8,000 products that have been verified as made in the USA, including fashion brands, household goods, accessories, outdoor goods, food, health, and beauty, nutrition, and health care and alcohol products, etc. Kris Masinski believes that the rules of the game in the market have changed, and the company’s business direction should cater to shoppers’ consumption habits to succeed in gaining consumers’ love.

Now people are shopping for convenience, and the global epidemic is even more dependent on e-commerce shopping services. One-stop shopping has become a consumer trend. Although heavyweight e-commerce platforms can display huge product information, they also make many small businesses lose their competitiveness and exit retail. stage. Perhaps revitalizing the economy should not be reduced to a slogan. On a trusted website, using purchase actions to support local businesses and local creators will also make our consumer experience better and more meaningful.

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