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Forestracker Expands Advertising Video and PR Services to Asia for 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

by Derrick Smith

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is coming soon, and all department stores and retail businesses are gaining momentum. Forestracker expands its advertising video and business PR to the Asian region, bringing more advertising benefits to local operators.

Kowloon City, Hong Kong – As the date gets closer and closer to the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, you will find advertisements everywhere, whether it is a train station or a video-wall on the street, full of images of product spokespersons or videos of recommended products. It is undeniable that the video is indeed very eye-catching, especially when combined with media PR.

Forestracker created a video team in 2020 to assist customers in creating dynamic advertisements, which was originally a discount gift for VIP customers. As the team’s technical energy becomes stronger and stronger, professional videos can now be produced and applied to multimedia advertising, online advertising, and social media advertising.

11.11 Global Shopping Festival originated in Asia and is a major event in the region. Therefore, Forestracker will expand its advertising video service from United States to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and other Asian regions this year. If you want to deliver business information on official websites, social media, or business press releases, Forestracker can produce suitable videos.

“Although Forestracker only created a video team in 2020, we have a professional editorial department and many years of experience in public relations.” “We know the key points that customers want to convey in advertisements, and we also know what information audiences want to get. So the video launched is very popular.” Forestracker media team said.

According to statistics, video advertisements are more attractive than print advertisements. Therefore, obtaining Reach and Impression through video is what most companies are doing. Do you have relevant marketing resources? Please consider creating advertising videos to maintain corporate reputation, enhance positive image and influence.

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