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Holiday Season: Enjoy Plant-Powered Meat Months!

by Audrey Hazel

Come to experience Plant-Based Meats & Meaty Meals in November and December! Plant-based proteins are an important source of nutrition for vegetarians. Let us explore the possibilities of Plant-Based Foods.

Baltimore, MD (Merxwire) – Whether adults or children, most people like to eat meat, all kinds of meat make life full of changes, but the importance of vegetables can not be ignored. In Plant-Powered Meat Months, you will discover the delicious secrets of plants!

In the past, people thought that they needed meat to supplement protein. In fact, many Plant-Based Foods also contain a lot of protein. You can experience the unique flavor of Plant-Based Meat through cooking methods and professional seasoning. Enjoy a satisfying meal and a cooking experience that only plants can provide.

Baltimore and Surrounding Areas, Maryland
Other areas can participate, contact info@BotaniCuisine.com

RESTAURANTS & PROFESSIONAL CHEFS are invited to participate in this promotion, reaching thousands and saving hundreds in advertising costs.

PROMOTION & MEDIA OUTREACH run November and December. Business listings and Premier web spaces remain on promotion’s website through April 31, 2021 for those who retain plant-based/vegan meats and/or meaty meals.

–  Provide a common ground for all kinds of food preferences
–  Outpace other food sales
–  Significantly revitalize restaurant success in this time of unprecedented challenges
–  Meet current customer demand and help gain new patrons

PLANT-BASED MEATS & MEATY MEALS: Some are just like animal-sourced meat, some are similar to meat, and some provide the same hearty culinary enjoyment, yet made from plant foods such as legumes/beans, grains, and veggies.

–  “Plant-Based Alternatives Find New Markets During Coronavirus” The Washington Times
–  “Large portions of today’s population consume plant-based proteins – even those not vegan or vegetarian” FSR Magazine
–  Market for plant-based proteins is rapidly growing.” Food Industry Reports (Forbes, 2019)
–  “Increased number of consumers switching to plant-based diets for many reasons.” Food Industry Reports (Forbes, 2019)

Links to above sources in Business Resources section, on Business Info/Register page

Foodie Power Pass W/Perks:  Includes weekly raffle entries, discounted webinars in November and December, and food coupons. Unlimited entries; each $1 entry increases chances of winning. One prize per person.

FREE Zoom Get-Together, Friday Dec. 4 at 6:30 ET
Exploring Plant-Based Foods: An Extraordinary Life! Compelling reasons to embrace plant-based foods, tips on dining out, food prep at home, and excerpts from exciting documentaries.

More information please visit: https://plantpoweredmeatmonth.com/

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Company Name: BotaniCuisine, LLC
Email: info@BotaniCuisine.com
Country: United States
Website: https://www.botanicuisine.com/

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