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Colorful Projection Mapping Show, Present New Model of Chinese Opera Performance

by Wisdom Frida

Lin Family Mansion and Garden held “Romantic lighting 2.0”, which combined traditional Chinese building, projection and mapping, and traditional opera to provide unique opera performances for the public. Professors Cheng, Tzu-Leong of National Chengchi University guide students to visit the opera performance to experience the mode and concept of cultural creation and marketing while watching the performance.

Lin Family Mansion and Garden (Photo via Yu Le, Merxwire)

New Taipei City, Taiwan (Merxwire) – In recent years, Taiwan has actively promoted various cultural industries, enhanced the competitiveness of international tourism, and increased people’s happiness. The Lin Family Mansion and Garden in New Taipei City held the “Romantic lighting 2.0”. Traditional Chinese architecture combines smart projection mapping with traditional opera, leading the audience time travel and experience the beauty of projection and mapping in The Lin Family Mansion and Garden. The event ends on December 26, and people are welcome to enter the park to experience Chinese culture’s charm.

Professor Cheng,Tzu-Leong, National Chengchi University M.A. Program in Communication, guided students to visit this opera performance, experience modern cultural creation, and presentation, experience technology combined with traditional opera and architecture in front of the audience, giving students innovative thinking Marketing concept with cultural creativity.

During the Romantic Lighting 2.0 event, in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of Chinese three significant festivals, adapted three famous Chinese folk tales, Matchmaker, Chang’e flying to the moon, and the old man under the moon, describing that at the full moon, Chang’e will come to the world, bringing endless blessings to men and women in the world, and combining humorous plots and lines to give the scene The audience has more fun and happiness.

The Lin Family Mansion and Garden was established during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty. It is a historic site for Taiwan. It is currently the only remaining complete garden building in Taiwan. It is also known as the “Four Famous Gardens in Taiwan” and Tainan Wu Garden, Hsinchu Pak-Kok Garden, and Wu-Feng Lai Garden.

Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has gradually stabilized in Taiwan, lifting the ban on many gatherings. The current isolation regulations for exit and entry in Taiwan are quite strict, increasing the number of participants in domestic tourism and cultural creation activities. The Romantic Lighting 2.0 activity adds fantasy and sweetness to traditional opera performances. It brings happiness to people experiencing the threat of disease. Welcome to visit The Lin Family Mansion and Garden at night to experience the sweet dream of illusion and reality.

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