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The Clog Blog: Nursing Shoes Supports You on Long Shifts

by Audrey Hazel

Due to various reasons, such as long hours of work and comfort, nurses are loyal to their favorite shoe brands. Some people are reluctant to try new things and insist on using their famous sports shoe brand, some people like clogs.

 Baltimore, MD (Merxwire) – Why do some people like sports shoes and some people like clogs? In fact, clog-type shoes have many advantages, and there are many styles on the market. Is it really comfortable to wear clogs? Why do some nurses prefer clog? Let us explore the advantages of clog-type shoes, after you try it, maybe you will love it too!


If you think that the nursing clog is only ordinary black or white, it means that you have not gone shopping for a while! These shoes now have a variety of colors, patterns, styles, various heels, T-straps, traditional slip-ons. You will definitely find a nursing clog that can express your unique personality. There are many common brands for men or women, such as the famous Dansko, and many other brands on the market.


Twelve hour shifts and beyond demand a lot of shoes.  Nurses who have been working for several years are prone to a myriad of foot, leg, and back problems.  Nursing clogs are touted for providing better foot, ankle, knee, and back support.  A contoured sole and rocker bottom provides the forward motion that these shoes are known for. Most nurses who start wearing clogs feel that it takes a few shifts to get used to them, and recommend wearing them for a few hours, then switching to your other shoes until you become accustomed to clogs.

Let’s talk about the heel.  The traditional 2-inch solid heel provides a lot of shock absorption for walking and standing.  Then you will be converted and won’t look back!


Clogs provide many features other than foot support.  The shoe completely encases the foot, with no open toe or mesh top that is vulnerable to liquids and stains.  The soles are non-skid to provide stability on slick surfaces. A wider heel provides extra stability for the foot and ankle.  Clogs are also easy-to-clean on the outside with antibacterial cleaners to reduce worry of infection transmission.


Slip-on clogs are fitted, yet easy to slide on and off.  They also breathe and move with the foot, in contrast to laces that can be tight on the top of the foot after many hours.  Nurses say that clogs mold to the foot after wearing for some time, providing an even better fit. The toe box is traditionally roomy with wiggle room. The heel collar is padded, guarding against blisters and discomfort.


Nurses will tell you that these shoes last a long time – even under the extreme conditions found by working 12-hour shifts on your feet.  Most of the time all these shoes ever need is a good cleaning, a polish, and maybe a new insole.  Some nurses rotate a few pairs for years, giving them color and style options.


Clogs sometimes come in European sizing, so it is important to know your measurements and size.  It is recommended to try on shoes to figure out your exact size, then feel free to order.  Check out sizing charts that compare European sizes to US sizing.

Now – go find some shoes that work as hard as you do!  Trust me, do NOT skimp on shoes when it comes to nursing work.  You need and deserve the best shoes for the job. It will make all the difference in your ability to work long shifts, and how you feel on your days off!

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