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The Skin Consult Launches High-Quality Skincare Virtual Consult Service

by Audrey Hazel

Are you looking for Pharmaceuticals or Cosmeceuticals? Skin Consult is the first marketplace platform where beauticians use ingredient science to design skincare procedures carefully. Try it now!

Ridgeland, MS (Merxwire) – The Skin Consult, a Mississippi-based company, has launched a world-class skincare expert platform, which is fully functional and will be released on October 20. The skin consultation platform can free skincare experts from time and place and provide you with high-quality & affordable skincare consultation. With the click of a button, you can get a 30-minute virtual consultation on professional nursing.

How to use this platform? First, determine your skin type through a skincare survey and choose a convenient date and time. Then you can have a virtual consultation with a licensed beautician. During your personal consultation, the beautician will provide you with skin tips and build your personalized care plan through professionalism. Customers can easily purchase new treatments or skincare products from the shopping cart, and skincare experts will also explain product-related issues to customers.

As a pharmacist who has spent all of her career working in the pharmaceutical industry, The Skin Consult’s founder, Dr.Sajani Barot, Pharm.D ‘s  default approach to any skin care product means looking at the ingredient and understanding what it is, how much of it is in there, what if any clinical studies have been done with this product. When it comes to any prescription medicines, there are high levels of regulations set by the FDA so that as a consumer, we know exactly what is in your prescription cream or pill. On the other hand, the world of “cosmeceuticals” is another story.

Sajani’s  passion for skincare led her to deep learning of data around ingredients in skincare. Both as a consumer and a healthcare professional herself, she has met so many women and men overwhelmed by the amount of skincare options that are out there now. How does one pick the good from the bad? Current FDA regulations do not mandate over the counter brands to list percentages of active ingredients or even go through rigorous approval processes. Marketing claims are not regulated as closely as pharmaceuticals. It is evident that much work still needs to be done by the industry so consumers can select and use appropriate products that are specific to their skin type and lifestyle .

Easy and affordable access to skincare experts who know the needs of different skin types and the options out there is limited in the current day and age.  Therefore, she wanted to create a digital platform for consumers to gain access to personalized expert skincare that is evidence based. The Skin Consult carries all professional skincare brands and Dr. Divya Haryani, a board certified dermatologist  is serving as the current medical director.

The pharmacist and dermatologist duo screen and vet all products.  So you know you are getting a regimen that is proven and works! No more guessing, no more taking chances.  An effective and convenient skincare solution is only a few clicks away.

More information please visit: https://www.theskinconsult.com/

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