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Try Unique Style and Show Your Own Personality

by Audrey Hazel

What style do you like? The home office is the best place to show your personality! Let us find your unique style together and create a personal, comfortable environment.

Riverside, CA (Merxwire) – Most people want to get rid of the boring space, especially at work, because the dull atmosphere may stifle your creativity and productivity. Everyone’s home office should have a personal style and need to be the inner CEO—the place to conduct business. Stay true to yourself, create the home office space of your dreams.

If you don’t know where to start, here are three unique home office styles. You can try to find a style that suits you. Let us help you improve your personal work efficiency in a comfortable environment and provide ideas that match your desktop settings!

Tech Enthusiasts
Gamers, content creators, producers, and designers rely heavily on loads of precious tech. The tech enthusiast’s office needs to incorporate all of your gadgets, gizmos, and accessories in one sharp-looking modern home office. Designated homes for each piece of your tech arsenal, but to really feel ahead of the game (and if it’s within your budget), think beyond the desk. Install lights that turn on via voice command. And room temperature controls that can be adjusted via your smartphone.

When it comes to keeping your workspace minimal and clean, but you still want to bring out your personality, a simple accent wall can do all of the work for you! Instead of having lots of throw pillows, or cluttering your desk with lots of pictures, find a pop of color to be your inspiration. Minimalism is all about letting go of the THINGS that surround us, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful and bright!

Some sunshine, fresh air, and open plan views can do wonders for your frame of mind and productive workflow throughout the day. Find indoor plants that won’t be too difficult to care for. And why not consider going a step further when decorating the home office by taking a stance and taking care of the planet. Think organic, sustainable, and recycled materials for your furnishings to your lightbulbs, and your stationery, for example.

It’s time to show your personality!
It’s time to share your unique personality with the world. Take part in the #AutonomousSetupPhotoChallenge, and you could win yourself $2000 COLD HARD CASH!

1. Take the best photo of your own unique desk setup. Make sure your setup features either an Autonomous SmartDesk or one of our ergonomic office chairs.
2. Submit your photo to the #AutonomousSetupPhotoChallenge page.
3. Share your entry with friends, family, and colleagues. The photo that gets the most VOTES and SHARES will take home the big prize! Those that vote also go in the running to win 1 of 3 Dual Monitor Arms from Autonomous.
4. The sooner you join the challenge, the sooner you can start accumulating votes!

More information please visit: https://www.autonomous.ai/

SOURCE Autonomous

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