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New Toy Creator Announces Launches Trumparoo.com

by Audrey Hazel

Trumparoo.com provides customers with a new perspective on Trump-related action figures by allowing registration. Users can create a profile on their social network and share it with other “Trumparoo” owners in real-time.

Bloomsburg, PA (Merxwire) – Trumparoo, LLC, is a toy company and social media. They recently announced the launch of a new social network and online store on Trumparoo.com. Toys and socializing are both fun things. The combination of the two can not only double the happiness, but also experience different pleasures.

When a user logs into Trumparoo.com, he has the identity of a visitor who is allowed to shop, and he can also create a personal profile for himself “Trumparoos”. Users can communicate with other users with similar interests on the site, or simply click to find some entertainment.

Benjamin Philips, Founder and President of Trumparoo, LLC, said, “Toy companies aren’t taking advantage of niche social networks for return business by extending the life of their products to the internet, where more interaction can occur, hence creating a higher level of entertainment for your customer, and providing them more value for their hard-earned dollars.”

Each Trumparoo product comes with a unique ID number that users can register online and link to their profile. Each product is printed with a unique certificate of authenticity ID that links to Trumparoo.com profiles, allowing users to create a profile for their product, or for themselves, then interact with other registered users on the Trumparoo social network.

Trumparoo has exceeded 25,000 page hits in its first four weeks online with no advertising and is paving the way for their entire network to grow and become a well-balanced group of sites to accommodate many interests. Some other sites Trumparoo plans to release include Trumpoween.com, for Halloween related Trump-like products, PunkThugs.com which will provide villainous opponents for Trumparoo to fight, and Trumpanana.com where Trump-like banana-heads rule!

In celebration of their official launch, Trumparoo will be offering FREE shipping on all products for the remainder of the month of September, 2020.

More information please visit: https://www.trumparoo.com/

SOURCE Trumparoo, LLC.

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: Trumparoo, LLC.
Contact Person: Benjamin Philips, Founder & President
Email: ben@trumparoo.com
Country: United States
Website: https://www.trumparoo.com/

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