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Facebook Still the Most Used Social Media in Taiwan

by Audrey Hazel

The number of people using the Internet in Taiwan has exceeded 20 million. The top three social media used by most people are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in that order. The number of users of TikTok is also gradually increasing.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) –  Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) is an organization under the National Communications Commission. It is in charge of the domain and resolution of Taiwan’s “.tw”, as well as the management of IP issuance, and will publish the latest network development-related reports every quarter.

According to the “2019 Taiwan Internet Report” published by the TWNIC, the number of Internet users in Taiwan has exceeded 20 million. It is estimated that the surfing rate of users over 12 years old has reached 89.6%, the highest number in history. Taiwan’s most commonly used social media, the top three in order are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Usage rate of social media

The report also shows that the social media most commonly used by Taiwanese: the first is Facebook with 98.9%, the second with Instagram is 38.8%, the third with Twitter is 5.6%, and the fourth is PTT (Telnet BBS) And Weibo, the usage rate is 1.4%. The fifth place Dcard utilization rate was 1.3%, the sixth place LinkedIn utilization rate was 1.2%, and the seventh place Plurk utilization rate was 1.1%.

The use rate of Facebook by Taiwanese reaches 98.9%, and even many age groups use Facebook at 100%, which shows that its influence is very large. Many companies have not launched a website, but will register with Facebook to provide customers with important information, and use Facebook to contact customers.

Although only 38.8% of users use Instagram in Taiwan, compared with other social media, Instagram has a high usage rate. Its main function is to upload and share photos, and is loved by young people. Therefore, Instagram is the second most frequently used social media in Taiwan.

User age of social media

The age groups of various social media users: Facebook is 12-14 years old, 35-39 years old, 45-54 years old, and over 65 years old, including almost all ages. Instagram is 15-24, Twitter is 20-29, PTT is 25-29, Weibo is 20-24 and 45-49, Dcard is 20-24, LinkedIn is 30-39, and Plurk is 25 -29 years old.

This Taiwan report has the same trend as most international reports. Instagram users are relatively young, mainly students aged 15 to 24; Weibo users have different age groups, which are about 20-year-old college students and nearly A 50-year-old middle-aged user. Although Taiwanese use Facebook most often, its usage rate under 30 is not high, showing that other social media are more attractive to young people.

In Taiwan, the Internet usage rate of people over 55 has increased by 20% compared to the past, which means that the Internet is no longer just the life of young people, and the elderly are also learning to use the Internet. The future is a generation of internet and technology, regardless of the main services of each social media, it is necessary to grasp the hearts of young people and the elderly in order to continue to increase users.

Internet habits of Taiwanese

How do you go online? Use a computer or mobile phone? According to the Digital 2020 reports co-authored by Hootsuite and We are Social, 119% of users surf the Internet via mobile phones, indicating that some Taiwanese users use more than two mobile devices to surf the Internet.

In addition, Taiwanese spend 1/3 of their time on the Internet every day. According to the analysis of the overall internet usage time, the average Taiwanese spend nearly 8 hours a day on the internet, half of which are connected by mobile phones, and their dependence on the internet is quite high.

According to the rankings of Similar Web and Alexa, in addition to Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Instagram, Taiwanese people like to browse news media websites most, and like to spend on shopping websites.

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