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Arsilica, Inc: Free Online Spirits Evaluation Academy

by Audrey Hazel

There are many spirits reviews on the market that are used as consumer buying guides, but few of them note the disciplines that need to be followed and the matters that need to be noted. This “Get Smart” series provides evaluators and casual drinkers with information so they can make their own judgments.

Las Vegas, NV (Merxwire) – Arsilica, Inc. has published a series of “Truth or Myth” related articles since 2012 to benefit serious spirit drinkers and collectors, and the response is very positive. In the process of seeking ultimate spirits glass, we participated in sensory science and found that people who drink alcohol do not fully understand the direct relationship between science and the world of life.

Misinformation is prone to appear between knowledge and science, which destroys the true understanding and enjoyment of all alcohols from whiskey to vodka. The knowledge teachers and custodians of the spirits industry are its leaders, professional associations, brand ambassadors, critics, authors, professional educators, certifiers, and bloggers. They often do not accept scientific facts and validate myth as truth.

What can be done?  Quality Education.  We love the spirits industry, and are committed to fighting misinformation by equipping all who are interested with the basic knowledge to become accomplished, confident, and proficient critical evaluators.  Hard-earned bucks purchase those special bottles.  Without a useful working knowledge, it’s impossible to avoid costly mistakes.  Learn to rely on your own senses and judgement.

Announcing the NEAT Spirits Evaluation Academy:  The week of July 27, 2020 we will post the first of ten weekly presentations on practical application of science to nosing, tasting, and evaluation of spirits containing useful information and exposing deceiving marketing practices.

Our Goals:  (1) Provide information to give the consumer, brand ambassador, industry executive and blogger in the spirits world a basic understanding of aroma detection and evaluation, (2) Explode myth and misconceptions about aromas and diagnostics which sadly have become accepted matter-of-fact, yet have no scientific truth, (3) Improve spirits appreciation through knowledge, lively discussion and sharing constructive contributions.

What to expect:  Discussions on all matters relating to nosing, tasting, and evaluating spirits from a scientific and truthful perspective.  There are no sacred grounds; twisted marketing and myth are our sworn enemies.  As a blog, we will entertain comments, dissention, and promote dialogue in the interest of better understanding.

Rules of Engagement:  It’s about spirits diagnosis, not a forum for expounding on the virtues or faults of specific brands.  Political discussion, brand bashing, people bashing, slander, and inappropriate comments will be will not be tolerated.

Its free, no requirements to view content or comment, no personal information required, just knowledge and interaction.  If you are serious about spirits of any kind, you will want to take part.  To access the Academy, click www.theneatglass.com/academy.

SOURCE Arsilica Inc.

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