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StellaSimone Salon Systems: Hair Care Company that Promotes Racial Unity

by Audrey Hazel

A black female entrepreneur founded StellaSimone Salon Systems, a hair care company that promotes unity. This is a black-owned enterprise. Whether you are black or white, it is committed to restoring the beauty of everyone’s hair.

Phoenix, AZ (Merxwire) – Have you ever discovered that people of different races can be seen through the hair care area of the store. Ethnic hair care products are usually placed at the bottom of the shelf, not even on the shelf. In this world, the texture of hair is both a symbol of pride and a symbol of ethnic tension and division.

Recently, the entire American community has been concerned about COVID-19 and ethnic issues. The long-standing racial differences have caused more and more opposing incidents. A black female entrepreneur is sending a message of solidarity to people.

“It’s as simple as black and white,” said Raquel Guardia, founder and COO of StellaSimone Salon Systems. “We are not focused on the color of your skin, only on the texture of your hair. Our products created for everyone.”

StellaSimone Salon Systems offers a professional grade botanical hair care line, with a goal to unite and celebrate the diversity in the hair care industry by offering products for every demographic.

The company is now offering free shipping with the promo code FREESHIPNOW. The promotion is being rolled out alongside the company’s release of a new product, “Dry Gloss Styling Mist,” designed to lend a layer of moisture and sheen to any hair type.

“With our new dry gloss, you can reduce frizz, even in high humidity,” Guardia said. “The gloss gives your hair a layer of moisture and sheen. It’s a great way to get a quick refresh and a complete salon look. Just spray it directly onto your hair. The gloss is lightweight and leaves no mess or oily residue staining your clothes.”

A customer favorite is “MoroArgan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Duo.” Guardia recommends the duo for managing wavy, curly hair as well as hair extensions and wigs. The product revitalizes, moisturizes, defrizzes and detangles while leaving hair soft and without feeling weighed down. It also acts as a UV and thermal protectant.

“We want everyone to get their hair back to gorgeous,” Guardia said.

View a video about StellaSimone Salon Systems products at https://vimeo.com/427888776.

About StellaSimone Salon Systems

Established in 2019, StellaSimone Salon Systems is a black-owned, woman-owned business based in Phoenix, Arizona that brings a simple, easy-to-use hair care line safe for all hair types. Every product sold through the company’s online marketplace is made in the USA. The StellaSimone line includes products that are sulfate free, SD alcohol free, sodium chloride free, phthalates free, vegan, and with no added gluten.

More information please visit: https://stellasimonesalonsystems.com/

SOURCE StellaSimone Salon Systems

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: StellaSimone Salon Systems
Email: support@stellasimone.com
Country: United States
Website: https://stellasimonesalonsystems.com/

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