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GIGXR Announces the Launch of Extended Reality Learning Teacher-led Teaching and Training System in September 2020

by Ernest Harry

GIGXR will provide an extended reality (XR) learning teacher-led teaching and training system in September 2020, so that medical-related teaching and training processes can be mixed with real scenes to simplify teaching and deepen learning effects.

Venice, CA (Merxwire) -The COVID-19 pandemic enhances the necessity and acceptance of distance teaching. Advances in technology have also blurred the boundary between reality and virtuality. GIGXR will provide extended reality (XR) learning systems for instructor-led teaching and training in September 2020, through immersive learning systems to simplify teaching complexity in medical and nursing schools, higher education, healthcare and hospitals , overcoming the limitations of 2D learning, making teaching and training scenes more real, in order to deepen the learning effect.

The GIG immersive learning system provides teaching and training experience that combines reality. Instructors using the GIG immersive learning system will use synchronous and asynchronous viewing functions to communicate safely and freely with students located in the classroom or simulation center from the classroom, campus or even other time zones. Students can use mixed reality headsets to achieve a fully immersive mixed reality 3D learning experience, and enjoy a more limited 2.5D experience on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Macs. The GIG immersive learning system includes three core components:

.Remote and Socially Distanced Learning: Enables teaching and training with students in a distributed classroom through extended reality. Students can be co-located, remote or safely socially distanced, and participate in sessions anywhere using 3D mixed reality immersive devices and mobile phones, tablets or laptops for a 2.5D experience.

.Mixed Reality Applications: GIGXR’s flagship products HoloPatient and HoloHuman run on Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, placing the 3D digital world in a collaborative physical space for safe development of clinical skills and unprecedented exploration into human pathologies and anatomies.

.Immersive Learning Platform: Cloud-based infrastructure that supports GIGXR’s mixed reality applications and remote learning capabilities with additional features such as visual login, instructor content creation, holographic content management, session planning, roles and rights, license management, security, privacy, and long-term data management.

The ability to provide health professional students with simulation activities that are both educational and engaging while adhering to social distancing guidelines is difficult,” said Dr. Jane Frost, University of Canberra. “GIGXR’s new products are timely and will enhance academics ability to provide simulation activities that augment content, add realism and depth to clinical case studies. We are excited to be able to provide our students the opportunity to explore conditions in a safe, non-threatening environment. Holohuman and Holopatient are valuable learning tools that I use regularly in nurse education. The additional functionality, alternative ways of viewing and the learning platform from GIGXR will enhance the applications ability to engage and motivate health students, as well as increasing accessibility of the content.”

“GIGXR has maintained an unwavering commitment to innovation during an uncertain time for our customers and the industry,” said David King Lassman, CEO and founder of GIGXR. “We’ve accelerated the new development of mixed reality remote teaching and training tools with an all-new immersive learning platform that we believe will have a direct impact on dramatically improving learning outcomes, not just for the upcoming academic year but as a permanent fixture for the future of immersive learning.”

The new GIG Immersive Learning System includes an updated Version 2.0 of HoloPatient, designed to enhance clinical readiness by enabling students to practice visual observation and assessment skills in a safe-to-fail, controlled environment. HoloPatient 2.0 introduces five new pathologies to the existing pathology content library, including Pre-eclampsia, Septic Shock, Dementia, Parkinsons and Hip Fracture. GIGXR uses volumetric video capture of professional standardized patient actors to show natural and life-size 3D holographic patients who are exhibiting symptoms and changes to their injuries or illnesses. Annotation features, which are also new to HoloPatient, allow instructors to customize and label content in real-time to focus student attention and response.

“We’re excited to continue to partner with GIGXR to drive innovation using mixed reality solutions to transform teaching and learning in healthcare and higher education,” said Matt Fleckenstein, Head of Mixed Reality Marketing at Microsoft. “HoloLens 2, combined with cloud services of Microsoft Azure, enables GIGXR to deliver 3D learning, training, and simulation environments that dramatically improve the learning experience and subsequent patient outcomes.”

GIGXR is trusted by academic institutions worldwide, including: University of Canberra, The University of Queensland, Flinders University, Otago Polytechnic, Southern Institute of Technology, Te Whare Wananga o Awanui Arangi in Australasia; Ursuline College, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Bucks County Community College, Presbyterian Health Services, and College of Lake County in the United States; University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

About GIGXR:

GIGXR is an extended reality (XR) SaaS system for instructor-led teaching and training created to enhance  learning outcomes for medical and nursing schools, hospitals and higher education. GIGXR’s immersive learning system includes a growing catalogue of mixed reality applications that run on a robust platform, designed to break through the limitations of conventional 2D learning resources, by placing true-to-life 3D simulations in a collaborative physical space.

GIGXR was formed in 2019 to acquire the mixed reality and immersive learning assets of TQ EDUCATION AND TRAINING LIMITED, an affiliate of Pearson PLC. GIGXR is headquartered in Venice, CA with global customers in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 


More information please visit: https://www.gigxr.com/

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: GIGXR
Contact Person: Lindsey Henn
Email: mediarelations@gigxr.com    
Country: Venice, CA
Website: https://www.gigxr.com/

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