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Arunachal University of Studies: Agriculture College Enrolling Students Now

by Audrey Hazel

India is an agriculture-based country and has important value for agricultural research. The best Agriculture College is in northeast India! Arunachal University Of Studies’ Agriculture Courses is enrolling students.

Guwahati, India (Merxwire) – Crops are indispensable resources in our lives. Agricultural research is of great value. Therefore, it is very important to find a famous university. Where is the best agricultural course? It is in northeast India! Arunachal University Of Studies offers the finest agriculture college in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

What courses does Arunachal University Of Studies offer?

Arunachal University Of Studies has research institutes all over Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It has also won Best University in Assam that offers agriculture studies. Although the characteristics of universities in each state of northeastern India are different, the university offers many courses for you to choose from.

To facilitate students, here is a preview of the Agriculture Science courses offered under Agriculture College in Assam (https://www.arunachaluniversity.ac.in/department/courseDetails/diploma-agriculture) and Arunachal Pradesh colleges are:

1. Diploma in Agriculture- Students who have passed their 10+ can apply for this Diploma course. The tenure of the course is 3 years in which it emphasizes modern agricultural studies, farming techniques to increase production, supportive machinery, etc. The diploma course also put light on Horticulture, poultry farming, and metrology.

2. Bachelor of Science (Hons. Agriculture)- The Agriculture science degree program is a 4 years course which is available for 10+2 students. This course allows students to gain knowledge in agricultural technology, management principles, and research methods.

3. Masters of Science (Agriculture Agronomy)- The two years Master’s course is a viable option for graduate applicants. As a student undergoes this course, it opens more opportunities for research in-depth work related to agriculture. The study emphasizes the study of plants in agriculture, genetics, and physiology of plants, meteorology, and soil science.

4. Master Of Science (Agriculture-Extension)- This course is specially designed for Agriculture scientist and focus upon applying a greater understanding of conceptual and abstract knowledge. The 2 years of program work towards raising the standards of rural living by helping them utilize their natural resources judiciously and strategically. It supports land, water, and livestock.

5. Master Of Science (Horticulture-Vegetable Science)- The postgraduate course is covered under a period of 2 years. The study is related to the skills and tools of horticulture science. There is enough scope of a student to excel in horticulture science, related technologies, and plant production strategies. One can undergo this course at Horticulture College in Assam (https://www.arunachaluniversity.ac.in/department/courseDetails/master-of-science-horticulture-vegetable-science) under the Arunachal University Of Studies.

6. Master Of Science (Horticulture-Fruit Science) – The 2-year postgraduate course is approached by students on a large scale. It will mostly provide in-depth knowledge in physiology, molecular biology, breeding, climatology, and even social sciences.

7. Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D.)- The Arunachal University provides full sponsorship for Asst. Prof. cum Research Scholar candidates. Take a look at the University website to know more about this program.

More information please visit: https://www.arunachaluniversity.ac.in/

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