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Crowdfunding Campaign: Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Light Therapy Headset

by Audrey Hazel

FREEDOM LASER, LLC. Launched a new patented: Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Light Therapy Headset, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign to improve the level of production equipment.

Los Angeles, CA (Merxwire) – Everyone in Smoking addiction knows that quitting smoking is not easy! FREEDOM LASER, LLC. Has a new patented: wearable freedom quit smoking relaxation light therapy headset, which can help smokers get rid of dependence on traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. This patented headset is the result of more than 16 years of research and development. It provides quiet sound waves and low-level light therapy, which can stimulate specific points in the ear to reduce withdrawal symptoms of tobacco products. The 21-day drug-free smoking cessation program mainly helps smokers eliminate the habit of relying on tobacco or e-cigarettes.

The inventor of “The Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Headset” is President and entrepreneur, Craig Nabat of Freedom Laser, LLC. He tried to quit smoking with nicotine patch and chewing gum 17 years ago, but it did not work for him. Later he discovered a quit smoking laser therapy clinical procedure in Canada. In 2003, Nabat founded Freedom Laser Therapy, a quit smoking clinic in Los Angeles which has helped thousands of people and stop smoking. He developed a home use wearable quit smoking device, which will enable users all over the world to use pain free low -level light technology.

The crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise capital in order to ramp up manufacturing and will allow early supporters the exclusive opportunity to receive the first production run of the quit smoking LLLT headset at a significantly reduced price prior to the product’s national launch. The low-level light therapy device is intended to deliver a tranquil sensation throughout the user’s mind and body and was developed to be used for 12-minute sessions daily over a 21-day period. The Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Headset is anticipated to become a global game changer for the smoking cessation industry, due to its nicotine free and comprehensive approach for combating dependency to cigarettes and vaping. The Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Headset system also focuses on the psychological aspects of overcoming nicotine dependency, whereby an online streaming 45-minute audio therapy program will be provided as an additional resource tool to help ensure the success of the smoking cessation program.

In 2019 an animal study conducted on mice, was successfully completed at the University of Buffalo generating clinical data indicating that low-level light technology has a similar effect to a recognized FDA cleared home use pain relief device that creates a natural therapeutic effect in the body. In addition, a United States institutional review board (IRB) approved a 30 human pilot study for the home use quit smoking LLLT device, which is currently underway.

According to Nabat, the Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Headset inventor, “This breakthrough is the first advancement in the smoking cessation industry in decades, utilizing a drug free method to end smoking dependency.” Freedom Laser, LLC.’s goal is to be awarded the first United States 510K FDA marketing clearance for a home-use quit smoking laser device, and they are confident over the prospect of being able to free the world from nicotine addiction.

More information please visit: http://www.freedomquit.com/


Media Contact Information:

Email: craig@freedomlaserllc.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.freedomquit.com/

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