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Yayy! Naturals Launched Care Brand for Youth

by Audrey Hazel

Yayy! Naturals Pvt Ltd has launched Yayy, which is a brand specifically created for youth and the first youth-centered natural personal care brand in India, hoping to let Millenials enjoy natural products.

Greater Kailash, India (Merxwire) – Market products are full of high prices, toxic chemicals, and all-around bad and non-young vibes. Yayy! Naturals heard the wishes of people! “Your natural beauty products should be as free-spirited as your natural beauty!” Says Ashutosh Singh, CEO of the company.

Yayy! Naturals has launched 4 natural hair care products, and plans to add other products within six months, including hair and skincare. Consumers can freely choose products according to their needs and enjoy natural and comfortable care. The following are the four products currently launched:

Scalp Defense Shampoo Based on Organic Australian Tea Tree & Apple Cider Vinegar, the Yayy! Naturals Scalp Defense Shampoo wins hearts by ensuring complete hair cleaning and making the hair soft and supple. Yayy! Naturals Scalp Defense Shampoo is that product which millennials would love to use in their daily shower

It’s perfect for those who are regularly exposed to the sun for several hours. Daily proper cleaning of the scalp with a 100% natural product like Yayy! Naturals Scalp Defense Shampoo protects the hair cuticles, strengthens the roots and eliminates chances of premature hair-fall.

Scalp Defense Oil- Created with the excellence of organic Australian tea oil, Coconut oil and other natural oils, the Yayy! Naturals Scalp Defense Oil is specially designed for the youths.

Yayy! Naturals Scalp Defense Oil contains Organic Australian Tea Oil, Coconut Oil, Brazil Nut Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil, Organic Neem Oil (Azadirachta Indica), Organic Camphor Oil, Organic Lemongrass Oil, Organic Camphor Oil, Organic Tocopherol, Copaifera Officinalis Resin, and Vitamin E.

Hair Defense Shampoo- Yayy! Naturals Hair Defense Shampoo is created with Organic Moroccan Argan & Red Onion ensuring the complete cure of premature hair falling and graying in millennials.

Youth facing hair fall issues due to rising pollution in air and water want natural yet hip hair care products.

Yayy! Naturals Hair Defense Shampoo is the answer to all their hair related issues. By eliminating chemical shampoos and embracing 100% natural Shampoo- youth can protect their scalp and their hair from the external threats.

Hair Defense Oil- Yayy! Naturals Hair Defence Oil contains enriched Organic Moroccan Oil and Red Onion Oil. Millennials facing premature hair fall are advised to use the hair nourishing and scalp protection Hair Defence Oil.

Designed with the fineness of various essential oils and Vitamin E, the Yayy! Naturals Hair Defence Oil promises youths to protect their tender scalp skin from the harsh effects of UV rays and pollutions.

Hereditary premature baldness can also be restricted by the constant use of the Yayy! Naturals Hair Defence Oil.

More information please visit: https://www.yayynaturals.com/

SOURCE Yayy! Naturals Pvt Ltd

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Company Name: Yayy! Naturals Pvt Ltd
Email: info@yayynaturals.com
Country: India
Website: https://www.yayynaturals.com/

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