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Pixel Starships Strategy Mobile Game is about to download for free on Steam

by Audrey Hazel

Pixel Starships is the best starship management game. This game will open for free on the Steam platform on May 1st. Come and enter the new adventure world!

New York, NY (Merxwire) – SavySoda is an independent studio based in Melbourne. After a long time of creation, they finally introduced the popular strategy game Pixel Starships to the Steam platform. Log in to Steam as soon as possible, add this item to your wish list and follow it, free experience on May 1st.

Pixel Starships is the first complete Starship management game in the world of 8bit massive online games. In Pixel Starships, you can command and build, fight in a lasting world, and experience the fun of starships in all aspects. To celebrate the launch of Pixel Starships on Steam, SavySoda is hosting its second Kickstarter Campaign throughout April 2020.

Players have 30 days to support the expansion development and also get some amazing limited edition rewards.

Players will be flung into an all-new galaxy-spanning adventure, spread across star systems gleaming with new worlds. In PSS: Galaxy, players will encounter swarming enemy armadas, explore strange quests, setup mining outposts and traverse unexplored frontiers.

Pixel Starships is set to be one of the premier strategy games available coming to Steam in 2020.

More information please visit: https://store.steampowered.com/app/378760/Pixel_Starships/


Media Contact Information:

Company Name: SavySoda
Contact Person: Xin Zhao
Email: mail@savysoda.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.savysoda.com/

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