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Gentreo Will Host “Health & Estate Planning for Women” Webinar.

by Audrey Hazel

In honor of National Women’s Day, Gentreo will hold a free webinar “Health & Estate Planning for Women” on April 7th at 12:00 PM, advocating for advance protection.

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Boston, MA (Merxwire) – International Women’s Day is a movement to commemorate women’s rights. It is an international festival scheduled for March 8 each year. To commemorate women, Gentreo is about to hold “Health & Estate Planning for Women” on April 7th, this is a free webinar, everyone is welcome to join.

Women need all-round protection, and we must all do our best to plan our lives. The main purpose of this webinar is to make real estate planning accessible and understandable for everyone.

“From wills and powers of attorney, to health care proxies and emergency planning, every woman should have the tools to protect the ones they love the most,” said Julie Fry, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Gentreo.

The free webinar “Health & Estate Planning for Women” will take place April 7th at 12:00 pm. The discussion will address the following and include a Q&A:

What is estate planning?
How do I make sure my children are protected if I’m not there to do it myself?
Do I need a will, health care proxy, power of attorney if I don’t have kids or a huge mansion?
How do I make sure my family knows what to do in an emergency?
Who do I need to tell about my estate plan?
How can I manage estate planning in an affordable way?

The webinar will be led by Mary Kate (Connolly) D’Souza, Chief Legal Officer for Gentreo and leading eldercare attorney with over 20 years of legal experience in estate planning. Prior to Gentreo, D’Souza founded O’Sullivan and Connolly, which specializes in the field of elder issues. Space is limited; register at GentreoWebinarApr7 today.

About Gentreo(TM)

Founded in 2017, Gentreo(TM) is an online estate planning platform that makes estate planning affordable and accessible to all. Based in Boston, Gentreo was created by sisters Renee and Julie Fry with the mission of helping families protect what matters most to them. Through Gentreo, users can create state-specific documents, and securely store and share their documents. From designating a health care proxy or power of attorney (including pet power of attorney), to creating a will or a trust, the cost of services is a fraction of working with an attorney. Gentreo is not a law firm or a substitute for a law firm or attorney or an attorney’s advice or recommendations. 

More information please visit here.

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