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Arriva will add six new routes to its existing Warsaw operations

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The eight-year deal will see Arriva add six new routes to its existing bus network in Warsaw. 34 nine-metre buses, equipped with the very latest Euro 6 engine technology, are now on the roads in Warsaw, bringing the total number of buses Arriva operates in the city up to 88.

Arriva, one of Europe’s leading passenger transport providers, has begun a new contract operating bus services in Warsaw, Poland.

The contract, worth €32m, was awarded by the Warsaw Passenger Transport Authority (PTA) following a competitive tender with services commencing at the end of December 2018. The beginning of the new contract cements Arriva’s position as the second largest private bus operator in Warsaw.

Arriva started operating bus services in Poland in 2013. Today it operates key bus services – predominantly regional and school transport services – in the north and south of the country. It is also growing its footprint in the urban bus market, which is still in the process of being liberalised with only 30% of all bus services currently put out to public tender. Warsaw PTA granted Arriva its first contract to run bus services in 2016.

As part of Arriva’s commitment to improving passenger journeys, the buses are installed with air conditioning and include live passenger information displayed on LCD screens to provide passengers with real-time information about their journey. This delivers greater comfort and improves journey planning for our passengers. The buses also feature contactless payment facilities to make it easier for passengers to pay for their journey.

Jana Siber, Arriva Group’s Mainland Europe Managing Director, said: “This contract win represents an important next step for Arriva and reflects our ambition to play a leading role as a transport provider in the Polish urban bus market. Our clients are looking for a trusted transport partner and we’ve proven time and again that we’re able to deliver on their expectations. We’re delighted that once again we have an opportunity over the life of the eight-year contract to showcase our credentials as a mobility partner of choice.”

About Arriva

Arriva Poland has around 1,300 employees and operates 530 buses. Arriva Poland has operated rail services in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province in north-western Poland since 2007. It was the first private passenger rail carrier in Poland to provide transport services and now operates 29 trains.

Arriva is one of the leading providers of passenger transport in Europe, employing over 60,000 people and delivering more than 2.4 billion passenger journeys every year.

Arriva is part of Deutsche Bahn, one of the world’s leading passenger transport and logistics service providers. Headquartered in Sunderland, UK, Arriva is responsible for Deutsche Bahn’s regional passenger transport services outside of Germany.

Arriva operates across 14 European markets: the Czech Republic; Croatia; Denmark; Hungary; Italy; the Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia, Spain; Sweden; and the UK.

SOURCE: Arriva


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