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UK Addiction Services Needs More Government Assistance

by Audrey Hazel

The UK government has recently reduced its drug and alcohol services by about £ 62 million, which will affect the rise in the number of deaths caused by drugs and alcohol. This is an inevitable effect and we need more government assistance.

London, England (Merxwire) – In the UK, the number of dying of addiction is rising. NHS-funded inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation services no longer exist. Although other Detox units do exist, these units cannot provide real assistance to addicts. Addiction causes and research show that many addicts only use it again after detoxification, and there is no correct treatment to quit the drug. Outpatient treatments are also not extensive and are considered to be applicable only in the most extreme or severe cases.

The British government has reduced its budget, and the related resources are insufficient, which has a great impact. The first step in seeking withdrawal assistance is usually to find a GP, which will provide first-line treatment or referral to other services by providing more medicines depending on where you live. The waiting time for these outpatient addiction services may vary from one week to four months. NHS funding issues have an important role in reducing waiting times and services to reduce unnecessary deaths.

Statistics Are Grim Findings

The UK has unfortunately witnessed an almost unheard-of increase in the ratio of drug deaths.

Based on recent findings, England and Wales suffered almost four and a half thousand drug related deaths last year. This amounts to the biggest rise in the number of fatalities since 1993.

The rate of drug poisoning cases for males has grown from 89.6 for every million people in 2017, to 105.4 per million last year, while, the rate of females succumbing to drugs increased to 47.5 for every million in 2018.

Recent research has shown that Scotland now has the highest rate of drug deaths in the European Union. Furthermore, Scotland has had a larger number of drug deaths than the United States, which was thought to be the highest in the world.

The UK government has recently made cuts to drug and alcohol services in the area of £62 million, which has had an inevitable effect on the rise of drug and alcohol related deaths in this country.

England and Wales have seen an almost one in five reduction in funding for community-based drug and alcohol treatment in the past five years. The rate of fatalities associated with addictive substances has reportedly steadily increased annually in that time, and it is only getting worse.

All of this is a direct consequence of NHS addiction funding cuts.

The finding cuts causes increased waiting lists and times. Time is something critically ill addicts don’t have. Allied with the fact that the UK has NO public INPATIENT DRUG AND ALCOHOL REHABILITATION CENTRES sums up the crisis facing addiction today. And, addiction is getting worse.

More addicts, less funding and no rehabs. A very grave situation in the UK. What is it going to take for the government and health bodies to wake up to this crisis?

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