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TCL to Unveil Next Generation Mini-LED Technology for TV this Week at CES 2020

by Ernest Harry

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Las Vegas, NV (Merxwire) – LED screen technology is already cheap. Manufacturers are constantly cutting prices and competing, but manufacturers have been exploring better technologies to provide more competitive products. A mini-LED developed based on the popular LED-LCD technology significantly increases the display effect of the LED screen. Chinese TV maker TCL has promoted this technology, and TCL has announced that it will demonstrate the next generation of Mini-LED technology for TVs at CES 2020.

In order not to be confused with Samsung’s Micro LED technology, TCL’s new Mini-LED sets will illuminate their pictures with tens of thousands of individual LEDs to deliver what TCL claims is ‘unrivalled contrast and brilliant clarity’.

Although TCL has just launched consumer-grade micro LED products, it is interesting to note that the company is ready to make its mark at CES. Mini-LED differs from OLED and micro-LED technology in that it is an evolved technology of LED itself. Its function is similar to local dimming technology, but it is said to be used in multiple lighting areas, allowing more effective local dimming, which looks likely to be comparable to the single pixel control provided by OLED TVs.

“TCL is thrilled to be at tech’s biggest show and stand on tech’s grandest stage to share our latest Mini-LED developments alongside our vision for the industry in the AI and IoT age,” said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings and TCL Electronics. “TCL is committed to offering a wider range of products to satisfy the needs of consumers and provide them with better, more personalized experiences. Like all of our products, I hope this new line of TVs improves their lives by bringing joy into homes worldwide.”

TCL is expected to announce new technology and new models in a keynote released in the afternoon of Pacific Standard Time on Monday, January 6. For those who travel to Las Vegas to attend CES, they do not want to exaggerate, only Eyes widen at the sight.

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