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GorillaPDF Officially Launches Web File Converter

by Audrey Hazel

GorillaPDF is pleased to announce the official release of the GorillaPDF converter, which can convert different files to PDF, helping many users to quickly convert files.

Los Angeles, CA (Merxwire) – GorillaPDF is a web-based service that does not require any installation or learning. Users only need to load the file into the required converter and then click the button to convert the file. The converted file can be used elsewhere.

The founders of GorillaPDF are Todor and Darko. They are very satisfied with the product and hope that this converter can provide users with efficient services. They hope to provide more good products to the public in the future.

Everyone uses electronic documents to work, study, and record events, but sometimes we need to convert these documents to PDF for use. GorillaPDF is a web-based converter that is very convenient and fast.

“Our college days are definitely the reason why we built technology that support certain groups, in this case the PDFcommunity or business people who need fast conversion from and to PDF documents,” says Mr. Todor, the co-founder and leading engineer at GorillaPDF.

“We spent our days in designing information systems that serve to the users and learning programming languages that will drive them” he adds.

The goal of the startup is to build as much services as they could and serve to a large base of individuals and small companies who work with PDF files on a daily basis.

Features of GorillaPDF

The initial 1.0 release features 3 services and the goal is to reach twenty stable applications by the end of 2020.

The 3 live applications are:
1. TXT to PDF
2. Word to PDF
3. JPG to PDF

The maximum file upload for all files is 50 MB, which is pretty enough knowing that the service is free of charge.

Regarding security, Mr. Todor says the servers are protected with maximum security and there is nothing to worry about files’ security.

“Our servers have the necessary layer of protection. No file stays on the server longer than 30 minutes. They are permanently deleted.”

More information please visit: https://gorillapdf.com/


Media Contact Information:

Company Name: GorillaPDF
Email: gorilla@gorillapdf.com
Country: United States
Website: https://gorillapdf.com/

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