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TRUWEAR Launches Holiday Bundle Deals

by Ernest Harry

TRUWEAR is a famous menswear brand. They launched different bundles for different occasions, including The Knotty & Nice Bundle, The Do n’t Slack Bundle, The Holy Shirt Bundle. The offer lasts until December 20, 2019. Don’t miss the offer.

Orem, UT (Merxwire) – Truwear is a well-known menswear brand and they recently launched a limited time offer including The Knotty & Nice Bundle, The Don’t Slack Bundle, and The Holy Shirt Bundle. To celebrate this season, Truwear has cut its prices significantly, giving consumers the opportunity to buy high-quality clothing at a discount.

The Knotty & Nice Bundle includes three Immortal Dress Ties of your choice and a Phenom Professional Dress Shirt. Immortal Dress Ties allows you to tie a tie with the click of a button. TRUWEAR’s tie and Phenom Professional Shirts have the characteristics of increasing the durability of preventing dirt and increasing the durability of liquids. They are both fashionable and practical, and can meet your needs in the office.

The Don’t Slack Bundle features a pair of Truwear’s Prodigy Performance Commuter Dress Pants and a pair of Peak Lifestyle Joggers. The Prodigy Dress Pants provide a chic modern interpretation of a timeless classic. Essential in the everyday workplace, these pants exude strength and confidence, while allowing easy movement with a comfortable yet fashionable fit. The Peak Lifestyle Joggers accommodate any activity, comfortably conforming to your every whim and desire. Made from a revolutionary blend of fibers, both pants are also liquid, odor, stain, and wrinkle resistant, and machine washable. You can be prepared for any occasion and always be fashionably dressed in Truwear dress pants and joggers.

The Holy Shirt Bundle contains three Phenom Professional Dress Shirts (your choice of color and sleeve length). Truwear dress shirts bridge the divide between comfort and class as they combine the premium quality of TRU-fit technology with the luxurious style of wrinkle, odor, stain, and liquid resistance. The Phenom Professional shirts are machine washable, making them easy to care for and perfect for trips and conferences. Flat front lines offer a clean professional modern look, complimenting any suit or ensemble. New color options, Phenom Maroon and Phenom Midnight Blue, are now available in the Phenom Professional Dress Shirt line just in time for the holidays.  The breathable moisture wicking technology allows the wearer to perform a variety of tasks in all manner of environments.

Truwear bundles are available now through December 20, 2019 and offer varying combinations of Phenom Dress Shirts, Immortal Dress Ties, Prodigy Commuter Pants, and Peak Lifestyle Joggers.

More information please visit: https://www.truwear.com/


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