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ForgingBlock Implements Lightning Network and Provides More Cryptocurrency Services

by Audrey Hazel

ForgingBlock announced two new products: ForgingBlock Merchant and ForgingBlock Lightning to update its core merchant API products and reduce customer transaction costs and time.

Palo Alto, CA (Merxwire) – ForgingBlock provides emerging cryptocurrency payment processing for more than 1,000 customers. They announced both ForgingBlock Merchant and ForgingBlock Lightning on Monday to assist in the update of core customer API products.

Lightning Network

Lightning Network is a second layer protocol on top of Bitcoin that allows for instantaneous payment between two parties, which is done over a network with a wide network of two-way payment channels. Using lightning networks can reduce transaction costs and time.

ForgingBlock Lightning Public Node

ForgingBlock also features a stable and reliable Lightning Public Node that streamlines the creation of direct channels between Lightning Network users.  For more information, see ForgingBlock Lightning.

ForgingBlock reaffirmed its commitment to develop and further improve its core payment processing services while simultaneously investing in modern applications of cryptocurrency payment solutions.

“ForgingBlock strives to provide an intuitive and accessible experience for cryptocurrency transactions,” said Bobby Ma, President of ForgingBlock.

ForgingBlock Merchant supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Monero, stablecoin Dai,  and most recently Tezos. Customers can use ForgingBlock Merchant through various shopping cart integrations, including Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.  ForgingBlock Merchant is developed with the intent to allow merchants willing to accept payments in cryptocurrencies to easily learn and use, even with no prior experience, and it is available at no charge and no fees.

“ForgingBlock aims to continuously expand our list of accepted cryptocurrencies while always offering zero payment processing fees for merchants,” Ma concluded.

About ForgingBlock

ForgingBlock is a technology company that develops economic infrastructure for the blockchain network. From new start-ups to public companies, businesses of all sizes use our technology to accept cryptocurrency transactions and operate their businesses on blockchain network. And help business to adopt cryptocurrency as payment.

More information please visit: https://forgingblock.io/

Social Media
Twitter: https://twitter.com/forgingblock
Medium: https://medium.com/forgingblock

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Company Name: ForgingBlock
Email: info@forgingblock.io
Country: United States of America
Website: https://forgingblock.io/

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