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Album “New Earth” Conveys Beautiful Melodies about Nature

by Audrey Hazel

Madam Snowflake released her new album “New Earth”, calling on everyone to pay attention to environmental protection and listen to the voices of nature.

Los Angeles, CA (Merxwire) – Madam Snowflake released a new album more than ten years later, and 12 operas sang the earth crisis we are facing with emotions. Full of distressed tones, plus percussion, hold the listener’s heartstrings and create a contemplative atmosphere. “New Earth” sounds like the Amazon forest, burning like California, creating a dream for the audience and eager to act in the real world.

Let us take a deep breath, concentrate on listening, and indulge in the various musical scenes created by Madam Snowflake and producer Nico Fyve. You will get the future hope of the New Earth from this sound experience.

“I’m delighted to have been invited along for this unique musical journey of expressing worries and hopes for our increasingly fragile existence on this miraculous planet,” commented Nico Fyve, music producer of New Earth. “Working with the intelligent song-craft, thoughtful musicianship and outstanding voice of Madam Snowflake has been pure joy, inspiration, and a true highlight of my musical life.”

If Bjork and Seal had children, their music would sound like the songs on New Earth.  Blend Camila Cabello with Tame Impala and you’ll catch a glimpse of what Nico Fyve and Madam Snowflake have created with this lush collection of intellectual grooves and transformational melodies.

“The songs on this album give voice to the deep emotions in my heart,” remarked Madam Snowflake. “Music has this way of reaching where words fail, and it is my great hope New Earth might spark a desire of change in those who listen — to live in sustainable harmony.”

New Earth is available online at all major locations including:

A limited release on traditional CD format is available by mail order on Madam Snowflake’s website.

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