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Weever Apps’ New “Process Manager” Won the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award

by Audrey Hazel

Weever Apps is recognized as a new product innovation leader in the enterprise mobile, and its product “Process Manager” won the Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

Hamilton, Canada (Merxwire) – Frost & Sullivan’s global team of analysts and consultants has named Weever Apps a new product innovation leader in the enterprise mobile forms industry and awarded the New Product Innovation Award.

Weever Apps’ automation software “Process Manager” received the “New Product Innovation” award for corporate workflows and digital forms.

Process Manager is a cloud-based compliance workflow management software solution for product quality, safety and compliance. Process Manager includes security and data integrity features required for 21 CFR Part 11 FDA compliance, including audit trails, user permission rules and data encryption. The software helps food, drug, cannabis and CPG manufacturers optimize data capture and workflow efficiency on the production floor, while enhancing real-time operational visibility for managers.

“Complexity in the regulatory compliance space continues to increase and managers are struggling to find viable solutions that offer real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting. Process Manager is a highly innovative software solution that simplifies the complexity of regulatory compliance.”
Jeanine Sterling, Frost & Sullivan Industry Director – Mobile & Wireless Communications

This “Most Innovative New Product” award announcement comes on the heels of continued support from the tech investment community. Weever Apps has raised $2.3M in the last year to fund the Process Manager project, including investments from the Canadian government (Fed-Dev), SOFII, MaRS and GreenSky Capital.

Declaring war against “paperwork”

Weever Apps builds cloud-based software that helps organizations work better through mobile data capture, workflow management and real-time operations visibility. The company’s vision is to rid the world of paperwork.

“Organizations require data from front line workers to make effective decisions, but filling out paperwork can be a waste of time and unproductive,” says Steve McBride, CEO, Weever Apps. “Our vision is that mobile devices will provide value to workers by efficiently collecting necessary data and also by providing instructions, ensuring required steps are followed, and helping them collaborate on solutions.”

Simplifying compliance

Process Manager was designed to simplify regulatory compliance, including batch records, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), and other health and safety and product quality requirements.

“One insight we derived from talking to compliance managers is that they want more control over the processes that are governed by regulatory compliance,” said Andrew Holden, Process Manager product designer and CTO/CXO at Weever Apps. “Separating form building from process template building makes it easy for our customers to configure, monitor and continuously improve their compliance operations.”

Answering unmet customer needs

According to Andy Pritchard, Weever Apps’ Marketing Manager, “The compliance and quality management professionals we talk to are concerned that their ERP or paper/spreadsheet-based processes are not sufficient to stop small issues from becoming larger problems because of a lag between data capture and reporting.”

“One of the key success factors we recognized for Process Manager is that it is a unique solution that meets the critical unmet need for compliance managers,” said Jeanine Sterling

SOURCE Weever Apps Inc.

More information please visit: https://weeverapps.com/process-manager/innovation-award/

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