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BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Studio Publishing Amazing Book, DIY Bread So Easy!

by Audrey Hazel

“BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Retro Food Time” teaches readers use needle Felting to make Taiwanese classics food that are very lifelike in color and shape and feel.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Studio published “BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Retro Food Time” in August 2019. This is the first  needle felting book on the market with the theme of “Taiwanese Classic Food”. The book comes with “Pineapple bun material Package”, teach the reader to make lifelike bread that looks crisp and delicious!

The book teaches readers to make flexible bread with needle felting, record the ancient taste of Taiwanese food with stories, and record the basic skills of needle felting. Let you learn the techniques of “gradient colors” and “assembly” and make lifelike food. Works of the same color, shape and feel.

This book not only teaches readers to make small and cute lifelike food, also teaches practical extended teaching, transforms the work into stationery such as book holders, magnets, pen holders, or accessories to make earrings, and teaches you to make own style products.

Lei Bao, who has been teaching needle felting from a long time ago, spent a lot of time researching the techniques of retaining the softness of wool, using wool to make Taiwanese snacks such as bread and biscuit fritters. She hopes that this book will let More people know the pleasure of the needle felting.


Would you like to make a delicious “wool felt” meal by yourself? Lai Bao will conduct a wool felt teaching course at Taoyuan on October 20th!


About BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Studio

BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Studio was established in 2016 to produce table bread, traditional pastries and country cuisine with needle felting. The works are full of emotions and Taiwanese spirit, and have won many awards and media interviews. The studio can order Handmade products, or you can book a teaching.

Where to buy?

Books.com.tw: https://www.books.com.tw/products/0010828066

Kingstone: https://www.kingstone.com.tw/new/basic/2014260379347?zone=book

Momoshop: https://www.momoshop.com.tw/goods/GoodsDetail.jsp?i_code=6874370


SOURCE BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Studio

More information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/baobaohandmade/


Media Contact Information:

Company Name: BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Studio
Contact Person: Lei Bao
Email: baobaohandmade@gmail.com
Website: https://www.baobaohandmade.com/

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