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XproAd Predicts that The Local Advertising Market will Expand on a Large Scale By 2025

by Audrey Hazel

As the industry uses local advertising as an advertising method to display ads in the form of video clips, editorials or articles, XproAd predicts that by 2025, the local advertising market will expand on a large scale.

Prague, Czechia (Merxwire) – There are many different forms of advertising. Native advertising is a fast-growing online advertising method that is constantly evolving in the industry. Assumes the shape, performance and the overall environment of the platform on which it is intended to be displayed.

As a result, the industry has challenged the usual way of performing online advertising. Use local advertising as an ad and present it as a video clip, editorial or article. In 2017, the total revenue of the global native advertising market is estimated at $122.81 billion.

Interestingly, the market revenue has been projected to reach USD 176.26 Billion in 2022, and this only means more brands will engage in Native Advertising more than ever before.

An expert at XproAd says “The general opinion about the Native Advertising Market is that it will most definitely be growing quite tremendously within the next couple of years. We truly believe that for any business to win the “online advertising war,” it must create ads that its customers want to see. While the primary aim for native ads is to deliver advertisements that match the environment and the expected user experience a business has in such a way that the viewer will barely notice that they are paid ads, it is also evident to me why they are considered as the future of online advertising.”

On which platforms can such ads be displayed?

An XproAd expert thinks that “To answer the question on what platforms can such ads be displayed, it all depends on what the business is trying to achieve. Typically speaking, there are 6 different types of “sites” where these ads can be displayed: Sponsored social media posts – Take Instagram, for example. Promoted social media posts are one of the most common types of native advertising used online.”

“Sponsored influencer content is another way for brands to create original content to promote their products and services. YouTube is an excellent example of this. Sites enabling ‘Paid search and Promoted Listings’ are another common form of native advertising, which relates closely to promoted listings. Google shopping is a perfect example. Sponsored widgets on online publications, such as the www.nytimes.com. The sponsored editorial content on online advertisements and dedicated brand accounts on online publications are additional examples for the types of sites where such ads can be displayed.”

Will those ads replace regular online advertising?

“There is no certain way to determine if those ads will completely replace regular online advertising,” says an XproAd expert. “We can only say that brands and advertisers love native ads mainly because the click-through rates tend to be much higher than typical advertisements and engagement is usually much stronger. However, not everyone might be fascinated with native ads, particularly consumers. It is still considered a risky proposition, and there is even a potential for this type of content to spoil the public’s trust. But as I previously said before, they are still considered as the future of online advertising”.


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