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DNAtix Launches a Free Anonymous Genetic Vault that Anyone Can Use

by Audrey Hazel

Digital DNAtix Ltd., the Israeli cyber genetics startup, has announced the first free anonymous genetic vault service.

Tel Aviv, Israel (Merxwire) – Digital DNAtix Ltd., Israel’s Cyber Genetics Startup, launched its first free anonymous genetic insurance service. DNATix has developed the Cyber Genetics Intelligent Digital Genetics Platform. 

Don’t worry about privacy being revealed! Lack of privacy is currently a barrier for so many people who want to have their DNA tested but are afraid to give their genetic data away. As of today anyone can anonymously upload their raw file from 23&Me and Ancestry.com onto the DNAtix platform and receive the following benefits:
1. Anonymous results
2. See their report connected to individual genes explanations
3. Connect to people who share mutual traits on dedicated social Telegram anonymously
4. Talk to others and gain insights into their genetic make-up

Get your Free DNAtix Genetic Vault

To ensure the security and anonymity on the platform, DNAtix has developed a genetic vault which facilitates a wide range of anonymous genetic services. The vault created on the DNAtix cloud is based on distributed ledger technologies that allows the user to remain anonymous.

“DNAtix is solving the privacy issue once and for all by handling highly sensitive DNA data with a distributed ledger ecosystem solution for anonymous genetic services,” said Ofer A. Lidsky, DNAtix CEO and CTO. “Anonymity creates Privacy that will help so many people utilize genetic testing and research.”

This is also the FIRST TIME that DNAtix is offering anonymous Social Genetics groups to participants. It allows people to be direct, ask questions, connect with others that share the same traits, gain insights and create a better crowd-sourced data base from which everyone can share and benefit.

Consumers, healthcare institutions, research centers, clinics, genetic counselors and others interested in using, testing, or gathering DNA data can now connect, work together towards better health solutions and feel confident in sharing their genetic information.

“We believe that DNAtix’s social genetics groups are going to become a vital tool for people to use wisdom of the crowd to learn more about their condition. This genetics revolution will allow medicine to transform from reactive to preventive,” said Ofer A. Lidsky, DNAtix CEO and CTO.

Technology Breakthroughs: The Cyber Genetics Smart Platform

DNAtix is the first company to transfer a DNA sequences over the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledgers successfully. Digital genetics is transforming the medical world as it is becoming affordable and accessible to hundreds of millions of people. Since genetics is the basis for preventive and personalized medicine, people will share their genetic data to improve their health and well-being. However, genetic data is extremely sensitive. DNAtix has developed a unique platform for genetics, providing anonymous and secured genetic services for B2B as well as B2C clients.

DNAtix’s compression algorithm for DNA files enables the transfer of large genetic files efficiently and securely. They see themselves as leaders in this field of digital genetics as well as bringing privacy and control back to the people.

DNAtix is making genetics more secure and accessible to all.

About DNAtix

The first company to transfer DNA sequences on blockchains. Provides a secure network testing & storage, using distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain).


More information please visit: https://www.dnatix.com/

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: Digital DNAtix Ltd.
Contact: DNAtix US Office
Email: info@dnatix.com
Phone: +1-818-232-3550
Website: https://www.dnatix.com/

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